Saturday, December 27

The wind up

Well it is our last day in Pavenham and we have had just the most wonderful time. Christmas was brilliant, really chilled out and so good to be with family. We took it easy in the morning then went to church with our adopted grandma, then Jo chatted to her folks in Australia while we sat around the tree opening presents. Lunch was a group effort (although Ruthie did the bulk of the hard work) and we ate at around 2. The food was brilliant, with a locally sourced turkey (slow cooked), pigs in blankets, three kinds of stuffing including a really old recipe for bread and onion stuffing, spuds, sweet potato, sprouts and bread sauce. I made the gravy but it wasn't tops because I didn't reduce it enough, but no dramas. We had grand plans for sweets but we were all so full that most of us opted to nap instead!

Today we've had more family to visit, another of Jo's aunt and uncles and another cousin, and we've all been hanging out and eating and going for brisk walks in the cold! Tonight we're heading to Elmswell (near Bury St Edmund's), our final destination for the trip really. We probably won't have the internets again until we get back to San Antonio on Monday night, so look out for some decent updates and pics after that. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and sorry we couldn't really call or txt.
I promise I'll explain this picture later ;)


Alastair said...

Thanks for the update, and so glad that Christmas lived up to expectations.

It's doing that here too: crystal clear day at Boat Harbour. Toasting gently on the deck reading the latest Le Carre novel and waiting for the tide to get low enough to get worms.

Wish you were here.

Big A & Jeannie

Mothersupex said...

We missed hearing your voices, but we all had a fantastic time, at Nigel & Jodi's place. Great to be involved seeing the children open presents, and so excited at what Santa had left (mind you, Dad myself, Nigel and Jodi had frozen fingers, trying to stretch a trampoline mat at 12.30 a.m. and then putting all the sides together, because the men would not wait while Jodi and I read the instructions, then we had to pull some of their work apart, as they raced ahead too far).
Lunch was fantastic, turkey, pork, chicken, turkey roll and all hot vegies. Dad thought of you Jac, as he munched the crackling and when making the Christmas Milk.
Miss you so much,
Mum & Dad

Mothersupex said...
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