Saturday, December 20

Safe arrival

We have arrived, safe, warm and with bags. The flights were great and we even scored the whole row on the long flight, plus a strong tail wind meant the 9 hour flight was more like 7.5! Just outside of Manchester now with rellies on Jo's dad's side. Sightseeing tomorrow plus an early Christmas dinner, conplete with chestnut stuffing, yay!

More comprehensive update soon.


jeannie said...

Thanks for being so prompt on updates. Have a wonderful time and keep warm. Love to everyone

Dumblond said...

Good to hear that you got there safely. Can't wait to see pictures!

Alastair said...

Hurrah! Hope you slept well for that first night, and that you get a decent day to sample the delights of Manchester & district.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a safe arrival! Missed you both at the department party tonight.


Jac said...

Hey Laura! Glad to see you're reading this :)

We were sad to miss the party, next year maybe!