Thursday, December 25

Christmas eve and some pics

Well it is Christmas eve here in Pavenham and the boys are outside playing football (soccer), grandma is in the lounge reading the paper and Jo, Tim, Ruth and Bridget are in the kitchen talking and cooking and listening to carols. I'm at the laptop blogging with a mug of mulled wine... perfect!

Yesterday we caught the train to London and had a wonderful day touring and shopping and such. We went to St Paul's Cathedral, Covent Garden (which I loved) and a lot of other monopoly board places full of shops and people and wonderful buildings. We caught the tube several times and it was surprisingly uncrowded... well it was crowded but not too badly. Ruth's friend Katie was our fabulous tour guide and she did a great job while we school of fished behind her (luckily she's a tall lass). In the evening we went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner, then across to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see Wicked! It took a while to get going but it was a wonderful show, and yes I even cried at the end.

Today we had a wonderfully restful day, we slept in until 11! (we didn't get home until after midnight and Jo and I both have filthy colds so go easy on us) We just had an invigorating walk along the river and down the back of all the cottage gardens and I managed not to fall down once!

And now, some random photos!

Covent Garden from the opera house

The interior of the St Pancras station (we could have caught a train to Paris!)

Is the Doctor in?

A Manchester canal

St Paul's


Dumblond said...

I thought the Doctor's booth was red...
I hope you and Jo feel better soon! What a crap time to get sick!

jeannie said...

Colds must be catching! I've got one too! Sounds as if you are having a great time. Thanks for keeping us up to date, pics too.
Happy Christmas to you all at Pavenham.

Alastair said...

Happy Christmas to all, wish we were there. My performance as an archangel last night was met by shouts of acclamation.... at least I >think< they were shouts of acclamation. The Christmas play was the usual shemozzle, with Jim as the inn-keeper in Bethlehem, dealing with too many customers on Wednesday karaoke night!