Monday, February 1

Making baby food

The cakes had his 6 month paediatrics visit the other day and the poor thing is still suffering post immunisation. Nothing major, just out of sorts. Captain crankypants in fact. Aside from the 4 booster shots, they also measured his height (26.5 inches or 67cm) and weight (15.5 pounds or 7kg) which puts him a little below the 50th percentile, so all good. His curve had dropped a little so the paediatrician suggested getting him on some slightly higher calorie solids by adding some butter or olive oil (this kid is go go go most of the time so it makes sense).

Those of you who have been paying attention will know that he's been eating some pretty tasty food ever since we got him started on solids (5 months), such as roast sweet potato with ginger, but this last trip inspired me to up the ante. We're still breastfeeding on demand (well not we) and are not planning to stop that anytime soon, but he's still eating solids three times a day, probably more soon. They say babies can only eat something that is about the size of their fist because that's all their tummies can hold. I think they gave Marty some other baby's fists! He can eat half a banana in one sitting and still be looking for more. Speaking of bananas (food of the devil as far as I'm concerned - they stink, they're slimy and they stain like some kind of toxic waste) our paediatrician also warned us of something else food related that we'd never heard but seems to be true, at least in our case. C.A.B.S. Carrot, apple, banana and squash (which seems to cover both pumpkin and zucchini here) are all foods that can block a baby up, or a least solidify their poop. Guess what we'd mostly been feeding him? No wonder he was doing mini adult poos - lucky for us he never blocked up entirely!

I dunno, do you think he wants it?

But anyhow, back to baby food making. In order to up the calories and drop back the CABS I made up a few fresh jars of food for the little tike. I usually make him 3 or 4 different things, store them in jars and we rotate them for 3 or 4 days before I make another batch. This week I made chicken stock mashed potato (simmer peeled/chopped spuds in chicken stock until soft and puree spuds with some stock and a little olive oil until creamy but not runny), asparagus and ham jelly (simmer asparagus until tender and blend with some ham stock/jelly that I had in the freezer from baking the Christmas ham) and since apple is still his favourite, poached apple with rasberry and rhubarb (hoping the others would help add some fibre etc). The end result was that Jo and I now want to eat Marty's food!

Chicken stock potato, asparagus with ham jelly and poached apple, raspberry and rhubarb. Four days of food; 20 minutes tops to make.

Next lot of food in the works - poached apple with prunes, poached pears and cardamom, more asparagus because it is really good and carrots poached in orange juice... He's also eating mashed peaches (delicious at the moment), mangos and avocado (his first food).


Mothersupex said...

My goodness, he is doing so well at "your restaurant". You are marvellous to do that work for such a precious bundle of boy. I know, when you get into it, really it does not take much effort, but you sure are giving him variety. I have told you that your first food was mango, in those days it was frowned upon, even Nana was a bit disturbed that I was giving it to you. When you were in the Jolly Jumper I also put the stone, of the mango, and some flesh, into a cut off leg of stockings. You would jump and suck for ages, getting very cross when you lost your prize behind you.

Hope he is a bit happier now. Those boosters are rotters, so too are the teeth coming through. Poor little man :-(

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photograph of Marty.

He is doing his own version of "here comes the aeroplane" with his arms out in full flight and his mouth ready for action in full thrust! Just gorgeous.

Storing his treats in Bonne Maman jars is very fitting! What a Bonne Maman you are for preparing such delicious offerings!
This little one is destined for gustatory genius!


Ruth F

OsteoLab said...

Banana is evil!! Stains BLACK and will never wash out. What I used to do for Emily is cook up larger batches of food and freeze them in ice cube trays. I made up my own recipes but also have a great cookbook called First Meals by Annabel Karmel that has some really tasty stuff. I highly recommend.


Adrienne said...

You made me hungry over baby food! I think a cookbook for babies should also be on your list of things to do in between being a mummy and a scientist and an artist and a toymaker and a chef and a... hold on. You obviously have enough to do with your day. But I still think you'd do a great cookbook.

Love from the A's!

Big A said...

Do you worry about setting the standard too high? What will happen when he goes to boarding school? Grey mashed potato, slimy brussel sprouts and sausages made from sawdust. Or perhaps things have improved since the 1950s?

Anonymous said...

I am Hungry. Marty's food looks and sounds soooo good. I like the baby Food Book idea!
re the arms outstretched... Andrea used to do that and flap her arms wildly if there was anything exciting happening. My Dad said it was a family trait, his cousin' children did the exact same thing. Once when my parents were looking after one of them, and they were at the seaside and the arm flailing preceeded the child rushing into the water fully clothed. So be careful if Marty developes the same trait!!!!
GA kate