Sunday, February 28

Tim's Oriental and Seafood Market in San Antonio

The latest haul of goodies from Tim's

I took another trip to Tim's the other day and Oh Boy! Not sure whether I arrived on the right day (Friday afternoon) or because Chinese New Year celebrations are still happening but the fresh produce section was brimming over with goodness!

For those who need a reminder, Tim's Oriental and Seafood Market is an exceptionally good Asian grocer in San Antonio (7015 Bandera Road near the Huebner intersection) and I've already blogged about the bounty of previous visits.

For a little under fifty bucks, the latest visit netted me (roughly clockwise from the top left): shrimp dumplings (yum cha style), chicken and vegetable gyoza (potsticker dumplings, best snack), Frozen udon (the truly wonderful chewy, springy kind), coconut milk (snore), fresh shiitake mushrooms (the really puffy ones, not those boring flat kind), garlic chives (great for Korean pancakes), a bag of fresh snow pea leaves, four packs of enoki mushrooms, two packs of the most delicious, meaty oyster mushrooms (so good!!), a bag of my favourite dried shiitake and in the middle is a bag of fresh water chestnuts.

We have enjoyed all kinds of wonderful meals off this bounty, from Maangchi's buchujeon (Korean garlic chive pancake), to sticky pulled pork noodle bowls, basic mushroom pasta, cooked breakfast with egg foo young and stir fried mixed mushrooms - through to one of our favourites, a form of yosenabe shown below.

Yosenabe is roughly Japanese for thrown together pot, a one pot quick soup full of deliciousness. We make a terribly corrupted version where the components are mostly cooked separately so they have a variety of flavours, then combined at the end. It is fast and wonderful! This one has udon noodles, chicken broth, sautéed oyster mushrooms, fresh shiitakes poached in saké, soy and star anise, snows pea leaf sautéed with garlic, fresh enoki mushrooms and egg with spicy sesame oil - topped with spring onion shreds and togarashi.


Anonymous said...

I've only just had breakfast but I'm drooling all over the keyboard! Go Tim's.

xx Jeannie

Mothersupex said...

Wish I was eating at your place. Your going to miss all of these outlets and different shops where you can find the exquisite ingredience.
How's our little Martyroo. Can we have a blog update of him next? Please :-D

Adrienne said...



Big A said...

Love those enoki mushrooms!

And I'll have clean the keyboard when I get home......

Sophie said...

How is the countdown going to the trip home!! Hope you are all looking forward to the next chapter in your life. I have no doubts all your family and friends are looking forward to having you home and meeting little marty roo.
And I am also drooling... your blog is worth turning into a book. So much detail and so many good pics. Love it!!
Hope this finds you all well.
Talk soon xox

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