Tuesday, February 2


Well I can hardly post less this month than I did in January, sorry about that!


Let's start over. We celebrated a very quiet New Year's eve with a bottle of champagne. It is already gearing up to be a huge and exiting year. We've had several visitors in the last month alone, including dear Aunty Ruth, the Wurfs and our dear friend Brandon from Chicago (our friend Chris' brother). We have another lot of visitors queued up including Jo's cousins from Leeds and Marty's Godparents Hamish and Clare. Crazy times!

Uncle Brandon! (Marty is a big fan)

In between visits we're trying to arrange for Marty's Australian citizenship by descent (which requires getting Jo's birth certificate from Oz) and then his Australian passport (which requires us to go to the embassy in Washington DC in person) not to mention all the other fun logistics like quotes from shipping companies, working out what to do with our stuff (what needs to come to Oz immediately and what can wait 6 months etc), selling the car... well you get the idea! Our rough time-frame is to be back in Oz around the first week of April but we're still keeping it flexible until we get more of this worked out.

There has been a little time to breathe though. For example we went for a lovely drive through one of the gated neighbourhoods here in San Antonio after visiting a friend. It was just hitting dusk, the cakes was asleep in his seat (for a change) so we figured we'd just cruise around for a while. We were having a lovely time watching a huge number of deer frolicking around all over the place, and then we came upon these two lovebirds playing hide and seek around a bush...

(click to make it bigger remember)

Gorgeous much?

And so I shall end a random post with a random picture!

I would like to point out that this is the aftermath of just one night of Ruthie's visit! Ok, it looks much worse than it is... really.


Anonymous said...

Now we know why Ruthie so enjoyed her stay. Was that an empty bottle of Christmas milk? Trust all goes well with essential deadlines.

xx Jeannie

Anri said...

Wow, the deer pictures are good!
I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be to arrange how to get back to Aus, there must be so much to organise. It's crazy you have to go to Washington DC in person, what an added expense and time-waster!
I hope we wont get in your way too much when we come to visit but we are so excited to come see you all!
Hope everything goes OK for you, it normally does ;)

Ruthie said...

Honestly, Jac! How could you... !


Vikki said...

April seems so soon! Good luck with navigating the bureaucratic stuff.

I need a night like the one pictured last.

Big A said...

Aha! Ruthie's "problem" is revealed! It was never like that when WE were there (not).

And I loved the deer pics too. I think deer are wonderful. I once belonged to The British Deer Society.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Deer, other than ones in local deer parks i have never seen one that close "wild". I agree with Anri! The journey back top Aus must be a mini nightmare. I hope it doesnt grow into a mamouth nightmare. Lists Lists and Lists of list is probably the way to go. I get stressed when just going on holiday........
Good luck.