Tuesday, February 9

A simple little thing like a passport photo...

You'd think that getting a passport photo for a 6 month old baby wouldn't be too tricky, right? Ha! Not only do Australia and the USA use a completely different set of dimensions (which rules out getting one done 'professionally') but the rules for the Australian photos say this:
Photos of children and babies should:
-Show the child or baby awake, looking straight at the camera with mouth closed and no pacifier
-Show the child or baby's face clearly without any other objects (including a parent's supporting hand) visible
Along with the usual stuff like white background, no shadows around the head, head not tilted etc etc.

Well let me tell you, getting Marty to look at the camera with his head straight AND his mouth closed was basically impossible! We even resorted to dripping apple sauce into his mouth in the hope that he'd close it, even for a fraction of a second! (Jo poo-pooed the idea of peanut butter on the roof of his mouth, no clue why!)

Here is a tiny selection of the 'failure' photos...

We did get three that we though might pass muster, so we sent all three and figured they could pick the one that passed!

All this does, however, mean that we have his citizenship paperwork in the works (hurrah!). Here's hoping that will only take a few weeks and then it's off to Washington DC to file his passport paperwork. Craziest thing is that the beloved has to appear in person to file it, but Marty doesn't have to be there! Go figure.


Aaron and Andrea said...

Hurray, hope the paperwork goes through OK.

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

I personally vote for the one where he's sticking out his tongue :-)

Anonymous said...

Well Jac,

I reckon that the Australian passport application process is the most anal in the world.

The level of detail and compliance stuff sends your giddy doesnt it.

When we got the EU ones for the family, it was like signing a school permission slip and that was it. Simple and unfussy. They even asked me if I wanted one! ( of course I would, but dont qualify!)

The funny thing is... the passport photo of Marty will be acceptable for 5 years as is!

We had one with Ben at 11 weeks, and he travelled OS several times after then before we had to replace at 5 years of age. How they knew it was in fact him is beyond me!!!

Had to laugh with Jo going but no Marty required for his paper work!

Good luck with all the bits and bobs!


Josie said...

I can't help but laugh every time I see that photo on the bottom left hand side! It looks like he's going to explode!!
He he

Adrienne said...

I can't help but think that babies, like butterflies, are easier photographed when pinned down.


Big A said...

I reckon a selection of pictures makes a lot of sense for a young un like Marty, I mean, for what fraction of any real time does he look straight ahead with his mouth shut etc etc? The immigration person could be waiting a long time to match the photo with the real thing!

Grin and bear it.

Mothersupex said...

I think it's great that we see so many photo's of Marty. I can't believe that Jo has to appear but Marty does not. (only in America)

Just love the one with his tongue sticking out, I would say take that one and stick it up them. politely, that is.

P.S. My word scramble was Winers!! Think that means something.

Vikki said...

The failed pictures are adorable!

Adrienne said...

I can understand why they wouldn't necessarily want small children being forced to wait for hours in their waiting room. It's probably a part of their industrial agreement with administrative staff who process passport and visa requests.

It's only a month and half until we get to see you both and meet Marty for the first time - we're so excited!


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オテモヤン said...
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Mothersupex said...

Are we allowed to see what pictures DID pass??
All others are gorgeous:-)

Anonymous said...

He he heee... We did the same thing for Anna at that age before leaving to SA. I think all passport authorities are anal ... We eventually setteled for one of the "exploding" sort for her - looks silly, but no shadow, no SMILE (yes, that was also a requirement), mouth closed et.c et.c For the two-year-old we did the "scary" tric: Boo-click, he looks terrified, but no shadow, no SMILE, no...et.c.
Thinking of you today!