Wednesday, February 3

Random foodstuffs

Just finished the latest lineup of Marty foods. First up was stewed apple with finely chopped prunes. I just rough mashed it so there's plenty of texture but chopped the prunes finely enough to avoid large skins running loose in there (speaking of loose, hopefully not too loose...) Next up was baby carrots, boiled until tender but not soggy with a chunk of fresh ginger and pureed with a few slivers of said ginger and the juice of a mandarin (because we didn't have an orange on hand). And finally spinach wilted in a tiny bit of ham stock and pureed with butter. Holy crabcakes batman, I have never seen anything quite so green!! Tasty though.

Carrot with ginger and citrus, buttered spinach and (icky looking but tasty) stewed apple and prunes

Speaking of tasty, we came across this strange fruit while Ruthie was visiting and couldn't resist trying it out. It was a pomelo and turned out to be like a giant pink grapefruit only without the bitterness. It was wonderful!!

Our pomelo next to quite a large granny smith apple

Lots of pith but golly that flesh was delicious and it was so much fun to dig your fingers in and rip the flesh out...


Adrienne said...

Pomelo! That looks marvellous! And no wonder the Roo is so keen on his food with the marvellous things you've been making him.


Big A said...

I wonder if I am allowed pomelos? Grapefruits are forbidden me on account one of the pills, but I rather miss them.

Anri said...

I'm sure Marty is the best fed young man ever! What a lot of tasty food for him, hopefully it'll mean when he's older he wont be fussy!
Never seen a pomelo before, interesting fruit!

Adrienne said...

I'm sure he will be fussy. Fussy for good food! No mass marketed junk or bland stodge for this boy!

Mothersupex said...

Your variety of food tastes, for Marty, are just fantastic. He will go through life turning up his nose at bland food. Good on you. Did the prunes and apple work?
The pomelo looks very interesting, wish I could try.