Saturday, January 23

A quick catchup Marty-fest

Since I don't have time to actually write a real post I'm going to see if prestidigitation works. Pay no attention to the chick behind the blog, instead behold - Photos!

(How many of you were geeky enough to look up prestidigitation before going on? And how many of you are super nerds and already knew what it meant??)

This is what happens when you get carried away taking photos and forget where you left the lens cap!

We were lucky enough to have Jo's Aunty Ruth visit us from the UK for two weeks. She's Jeannie's little sister and I'm pretty sure Marty could see the resemblance. We had a lovely time just hanging out and it was perfect timing for Jo to have someone at home with her now that she's finished work (we played tag with 'stay at home mum' so I'm now shuffling off to work each morning). Poor Ruthie saw all sides of a San Antonio winter - from lows of -8 C (which killed half our plants) to gorgeously sunny 20 degree days. She flew back to chilly London on Thursday and our dear friends the Wurfs arrived Friday (last night) so you can see why I haven't really had time to post!!

"Hey mum, look what I found! Can we keep it?" Marty and Aunty Ruth (or little Roo and big Roo)

Marty has become a box obsessive. Thanks to Amazon for sending one that fits him perfectly!

It's not a box - it's my comfort machine!

Marty loves his box so much he drooled all over himself with excitement! (he blames the rabbit)

Whose toes are those?

Dog gone cute

Like I said, this isn't much of an update, but I'll leave you with some video of mr talky talky chattering away to his toys :)


Anonymous said...

I've been missing your posts, it's been ages! I guessed it was cos you've been really busy. Can't wait for this time in 5 weeks when we will be with you guys. Can you pls arrange for the weather to be a nice 20 as we've had enough cold weather! Anri x

EmDee said...

What a stunner!! He is getting cuter by the day.

Cant wait to see yáll reeeal soon xooxo
Em, Maj n Da Osk

Anonymous said...

When i started reading the post the picture with the "Didnt know where the lens cap was" caption, the picture didnt come up, right away, just leaving a blank black screen. So of course I thought... Left the lens on the camera.... then the picture downloaded and I swa it was the Roo who had snaffled it! And no, I neither went to te dictionary or already knwe the meaning of "that" word. i just thought, oh! heard that before somewhere and thought I'll look out for it sometine but no rush!

The lad is growing and really developing a personality, long may it last.

Ruth is deffinately Jean's sister

Love Kate

Mothersupex said...

What a great post and no need for a huge blog, the photo's made up for it all. Really perfect, especially seeing the photo's and the video and my how he has grown. He didn't want to sit down to play with his toys, in the video.
Perhaps a small lens cap holder, which attaches to the camera, would be an ideal thing to purchase from a camera store :-)
Can hardly wait to have some Gran time and get rid of the build-up of all these hormones:)

Big A said...

Thanks, Jac. We needed that. Those tunes are now deeply embedded in my brain and Jeannie perked up from right across the room when the video started.

Love to all from beautiful Boat Harbour.


Anri said...

By the way I love Marty's star jumper! He looks lovely!

Adrienne said...

Wonderful way to start my very short working week.