Thursday, March 5

Trees and peas

Looking out onto our new deck and beyond

We are getting settled into the new apartment after the big move last weekend. Thanks to our wonderful friends who arrived with cars, trucks and seemingly boundless energy it took less than 3 hours to move all our stuff, including the plants! I will post more detailed pics and descriptions of the new house soon, once we get the last of the pictures hung and the clothes unpacked, but here's a few teasers. We really like the new place. Lots more room, more light and more airflow. It also feels like we're living in the tree tops so we have dubbed new home "the tree house"!

The windows above our couch and the treetops!

In food news I came across some pea shoots in the store yesterday and figured I'd give them a whirl. Turns out they're really tasty, like a slightly less peppery water cress. I figured I'd make a brothy soup and throw the pea shoots in at the end.

So I used a pho base (beef stock, star anise, cinnamon, garlic, soy sauce) and added some sliced bamboo (Jo thinks I'm part panda based on my bamboo intake), some dried shitakes (rehydrated in the broth to add more umami to the soup), some fresh ginger and then the pea shoots.

The soup came out well and the shoots were wonderful! Could have done with some duck though ;)


Adrienne said...

Such a fabulous outlook! Happy new apartment!


Big A said...

Looks great, and I'm sure the smell of interesting cooking will soon make it your own.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jac and Jo, the tree house is beautiful. What a nice feeling for you all to have all those tree tops and fresh air. We are happy for you :-)

The soup sounds great too. We only have tinned bamboo here!


P.S. Google will not recognise me :-{

Ruthie said...

Welcome home :-)
Looking forward to reading/seeing it all in detail soon,but it looks roomy and lovely.

Dumblond said...

That view is definitely better than your last place (at least at the end).
Congrats on your move!

Jac said...

Thanks guys, the view is lovely and far better than you can see in these pics! The night-time view is all sparkly!

This morning we had red cardinals and their friends at the bird feeder so I am a happy camper.

Few more paintings to hang (we never seem to be home at a decent hour to be hammering) and we'll post more comprehensive photos.