Friday, February 27


It doesn't happen to me often but occasionally I develop obsessions. Luckily they're not usually anything life destroying. For example, ever since my palate-blowing Tanuki experience, I have become obsessed with tsukemono, or Japanese pickles. Why? We only had a very small tasting of house-made pickles at Tanuki, as well as kimchi (so it isn't just a Japanese thing) but somehow that was enough for me to devote a large portion of my brain to thinking about nothing else. I want to know what they all taste like. I want to know every ancient technique for making them. I want to know what things you can pickle and what you can't and why...and it is driving me mad! I have four different kinds of homemade pickled diakon in our fridge right now (yes 4). And that is before my super do-it-yourself tsukemono book and pickle press arrive from Amazon! Right now I'm running blind and I still love every one of them...well ok maybe not the one I drowned in salt but even that was edible!

Daikon four ways

I know pickles are a weird thing to get obsessed with (especially since I'm not the pregnant one) but it is the process as much as the eating. The other thing I am currently somewhat obsessed with (and have been for a while) is a particular diaper bag. I have to call it that because nappy is a racial slur here so I'm trying to train myself to use diaper. Usually I would just stick with the Australian word (rubbish not trash) but not when it could be an insult. Anyhow, this diaper bag is perfect. Utterly perfect. It is also expensive, hence obsession rather than ownership at this point. No matter what I do, no matter how many other bags I look at, none of them come close. I am not going to link it because I'm not looking for a debate - I'm just ranting about obsessions and the odd directions mine seem want to take.

Anyhow, still no fix on the Tuesday home movie so for now you'll have to be content with another week 19 snapshot.

Tuesday week 19 - Hand to mouth

Tonight is Hell's Kitchen night, where we hook up with Matt and Claire for dinner and watch Gordon Ramsey speak morse-code (thanks to US censorship) while people cook in the background. It wasn't on the other week so we watched an episode of his British show The F Word (which I guarantee will never be shown in the US). He was trying to get his kitchen team to cook a simple appetiser of scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms, and by popular demand it looks like I'll be attempting it tonight! Lets hope I can do better than the people he had on the show.


Big A said...

You can get help, you know, Jac.

But keep on the with the posts; my horizons are continually being broadened.

And those ultrasound scans: aren't they some sort of hoax? I can >never< see anything that looks like a baby in them :)

Jac said...

I could draw the edges in but I'm sure nearby women folk will flock to help you interpret it - it's just one of those things that we can do (like making curtains)

The pictured pickles lasted about 5 seconds before they were all gone. I couldn't tell if that was because Jo liked them as much as me or if she didn't want our house smelling like a running shoe just before our guests arrived :D

Dumblond said...

I understand about the diaper bag obsession. I really wanted this one particular bag when I was pregnant with our second one...but it was sooo expensive! But it was a quality bag. As it turned out, we went through two or three of the crap ones...

Jac said...

Ah Shana, you say all the right things ;)

Wonder if it could be the same bag 0_o

Ruthie said...

Had to leave a comment because of the word verificatin letters... "baumpt" sounds like an Inspector Clouseau word for Tuesday!

xx Ruthie

Anonymous said...

Gosh I wish I had Nana's pickle press but it has be gone, ages ago,but I looked up the Japanese ones,and boy were they similar.

Alastair, your just like Michael. Until I actually show him the outline of Tuesday, well it was just black and white.

I'm with Shana. Get the better "nappy" bag or you will always be thinking the other would have been better. Nana always said to go with your instinct and if you are apprehensive or worried about something, don't do it. So go with your gut instinct and purchase the better nappy bag.
Think you both must have some pregnancy hormones for all those pickles.

Hugs, Mum

P.S. Google will not recognise me ;-(

Adrienne said...

I can understand the pickle obsession. I am currently in the middle of a preserve frenzy. Last week I made plum sauce, wild blackberry jam and tomato relish. Next on the list is apricot jam. And it's all from fruit grown by us or friends or feral blackberry bushes in Taroona. Oh and I've been baking plum cake (plums courtesy of my mummy) but that doesn't keep well at all.

I look forward to preserved food exchange programs when you come home!


Big A said...

Someone should provide definitions of those Word Verifications.

Q: What is an 'adelog"?

A: The journal from your trip to South Australia.