Wednesday, February 25

Attack of the 5' 7" preggersaurus!

Today is Shrove Tuesday so we're having pancakes for dinner - well that's my excuse anyway! This time last year we were at Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

A couple of updates. I mentioned a little while ago that there was some medical stuff going down in my family. Well my Dad (Michael) has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. That came as a bit of a shock, as I'm sure you can imagine. He has opted for the surgery which will be early next month, and I am optimistic (good Gleason score of 3+3, no evidence of spread on CT plus he's fit as a horse) but of course every surgery comes with great risk and the side effects of this surgery can be pretty bloody awful.

Also, some updates on the preggersaurus and her ever growing hump! All is going well. Week 20 now and Jo is starting to feel kicks and pokes, probably more than she wants to! She nearly dropped the laptop on my head the first time and accused me of jabbing her! She's not really putting on much weight but her belly sure is growing (remember what she looked like at week 14?)

Sexy new maternity jeans. For when buying 'one size bigger' normal jeans just doesn't cut it anymore.

There is also evidence of the move in the background - yep our house is covered in cardboard debris.

And one final bit of news about Tuesday...It's a BOY! For proof, see below. We actually have some video from the last ultrasound but it is in a weird format so I need to convert it before I can trim it down and put it up here, but this is a still from said footage.

We move house on Saturday so email me if you want our new address. It's going to be great to have a change of scene, and a second bedroom, for the last leg of the Texas journey. Let the nesting begin!


Anonymous said...

You are looking very well Jo, and what a big tummy. You are sure there isn't another one hiding in the background. Hope the move goes smoothly

Love Jeannie

Big A said...

Is that my "little" girl?? It's hard to follow a pregnancy from the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

I can't wait to meet the little fellow.

PS Good to be able to post again (Glad you got it sorted out, Google). See my late contribution to the great foodie post.

Jac said...

Half way there now, or round about. Speaking on round... (bad Jac!)

Mothersupex said...

Jo, you look positively beautiful. With bad news there is always good somewhere, and your it, and Tuesday, of course.

Much love and anticipation, from this side of Launceston.

Michele (Gran)

Ruthie said...

Good luck with move - will be thinking of you xx

Bee said...

Wow, Jo! You look great :) That pic of Tuesday's hand is so sweet! Good luck with the move. Second bedroom - weehee!
Love you both + speak soon, B xx