Friday, February 6

Australia Day revisited

I meant to do a follow-up post about Australia Day and I completely forgot! Bad blogger.

Nothing like a giant inflatable roo to lure the punters in, although someone did call it a rabbit!

So I was baking all those Anzac biscuits because the Aussies here at work decided to host an Australia Day lunch for all the poor sods who had never experienced the joys of a vegemite sandwich. There are nine of us Aussies here in the Department of Genetics so we figured we could put on a pretty decent spread. There were homemade sausage rolls, mini egg and bacon pies, vegemite sangers, fairy bread, pavlova, anzac biscuits, lammingtons, solo, cheezles, twisties, flake, tim tams and all sorts of other goodies! We also realised that the 26th of Jan is also Indian Republic Day so we invited the Indian members of the department to share in the fun and they provided wonderful homemade tandoori chicken, samosas and wonderful crunchy spicy snacks that had multiple names, none of which I remember.

Part of the spread while we were still getting set up. That may or may not be my hand pinching more of the spicy crunchy things!

Well the lunch was a great success and I think maybe we had sixty people or more come through! The vegemite sandwiches were really popular and people were surprised that they liked them (although there was usually much trepidation in the initial trying process). The problem is that if you give a jar of vege to your average American they think they need to spread it on thick like peanut butter...blergh. The anzacs and sausage rolls were also popular, dashing our hopes for leftovers!

An empty plate where the vege sangers once were. The sausage rolls have also gone by this point.

In other exciting Australia Day news, my Uncle Wally was awarded an Order of Australia medal! The official statement read 
"For service to the community through support for a range of charitable organisations, and to the music industry as a manager and promoter." 
But I think it's more because he's just one of those people who make the world a better place.

Congrats Sir Walter, King of the Hill :D


Mothersupex said...

Just loved your Australia Day, revisited. What a great spread and a fantastic tribute to Wal. Your wonderful, sensitive and caring for those around you, and at home.

Love you.


Penny said...

Jac - you are so kind to spread the Aussie spirit around like that (those are some lucky buggers you work with!) And King Wal's day was bonza here too...... thanks for the great post :-)

Big A said...

Good to see that were able to bring some kulture to the benighted heathen. And good onya Uncle Wal. I didn't know you had a famous uncle.

Dumblond said...

What's with so many of your countrymen at your work? Did they just do a blanket recruitment Down Under? Must have had some good perks...
Very interesting menu. I probably would try the vegemite sandwiches but some of that other stuff...

Rosemary said...

Thanks Jac for your kind words about Wal. We are very proud of him! We had a terrific Australia Day BBQ here and the news of Wal's OAM was a great surprise for all the guests. He has received many lovely messages of congratulations from people far and wide. Love to you and Jo and we look forward to seeing you back in Aus before too long.