Tuesday, February 10

Not sure what to say

For once I am lost for words. We have been watching the news of the fires in Victoria, the heat waves, the flooding, the devastating loss of life and property - and it just seems to keep going. We're thinking of all of you who are affected by this - even if it is just the mind-numbing helplessness of watching it all unfold.

Also an update on what's happening here. There's more radio silence than usual because I am in Portland at the moment working with my collaborators here. I have a lot to post about but I refuse to do it until I can get the photos off my camera, so you'll have to wait until at least Thursday.

Also we've had some bad family health issues to deal with in the last week (my family) that I may or may not blog about depending on how those involved feel about it. It has, however, shaken me up somewhat.

And since this is probably the least uplifting post I have ever written I will now offer you something completely from left field that never ceases to entertain me (I am simple reall...) Go check out the Random Recipe Generator! You just have to refresh the page to get a new one. Here's an example:

Pickle Surprise
Serves 2 You will need:

* 80g chocolate
* 130ml hot pepper sauce
* 150g pickle


1. rinse the hot pepper sauce
2. melt the hot pepper sauce
3. throw the hot pepper sauce away
4. grill the pickle
5. defrost the chocolate
6. Throw it all away
7. Go down to the pub!


Big A said...

It's all a bit hard to grasp, even this close. Tassie has had such a mild and fire-free summer (so far!) that it seems incredible that such and inferno could be just across the water.

At least it bridges all the political divides. Kudelka's cartoon the Mercury this morning was a sign against a smokey background saying "Political activity has been suspended on account of the emergency. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible".

Mothersupex said...

Watching updates of the fires, then hearing the death tally rise, and rise, makes you feel numb. We had to do something and they were appealing for good quality clothes, so we went through the wardrobes and gave 3 bags, in total. I also had presents for birthdays and Christmas put away, purchasing at sale times, so we have sent these too. Giving at the local publicised drop off point, the walls were just a sea of bags. So heart-warming that people, who cannot give cash, would do what we have done.

Adrienne said...

Cornflour Sandwich
Serves 2
You will need:
70g cornflour
70g port
barbeque the port
barbeque the cornflour
order out

Random Recipe Generator has taken all the stress out of cooking.