Friday, March 20

Short and sweet

A few random updates:

# Dad is finally home and recovering in his own environment which can only be a bonus.

# After a week of torrential rain and freezing temperatures San Antonio has returned to the blissfully bright, hot and mostly dry spring that we love so much. Only bugger is the billion oak trees are beginning to spew their toxic pollen so we are all too itchy and bleary eyed to enjoy the glory that is spring in Texas.

# I am officially a twit... Yep, I joined twitter so that I could talk more about food. Yes, it is possible! I also made some changes to the blog including a sexy new tag cloud for handy post sorting and a twitter feed widget thing that will probably let you know what I'm cooking or eating at any given moment. Thrilling huh? Feel free to follow me, or not.

# I leave for Australia in about 5 days and I am completely unprepared! A three week trip without the puffy version of my beloved is going to be hard! This trip is multipurpose, family, wedding (not ours - clearly since I will be solo), work, (food), conference and something else important... oh yeah, my visa interview (which they already changed on me once forcing a rebooking of flights). Email me if you want to try and hook up - I'll be appearing (briefly) in most states.

# The preggersaurus is well, as is the little chew-chew. He has taken to kicking when I talk to him and managed to clock me in the nose yesterday after I politely inquired as to why he hadn't been jigging much that day. Picture attached for all those who still think we're pulling your leg with the impending kidlet thing.


Bee said...

Gosh Jo, you look gorgeous! Safe travels Jac.
B x

Mothersupex said...

Jo looks positively divine and has that glow. (Not the puffy pollen type from those trees.) You have really expanded, since the last posting picture on the blog.

Looking forward to seeing our girl and having her do some of those meals here :-}

Jac said...

Doesn't she though ;)

Adrienne said...

I'm soooo excited - about the increasing girth and the impending visit!

Big A said...

See you soon (if only briefly!)