Wednesday, March 11

Happy thoughts please *updated*

Just a quick update. My Dad had his surgery for the prostate cancer last night, so it'd be great if you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers - secular or otherwise. All I know so far is via text message, but the surgery went well (roughly 2 hours) and the doctor was happy. The recovery process is going to be pretty tough (10 days in hospital - which used to be the norm if they even thought you had the flu but is pretty much unheard of nowadays) but here's hoping it all goes fairly smoothly. I'll keep you all posted.

**Updated with an email from my mum**
Michael arrived back on the ward at 10.20 p.m. and this was after I had received a lengthy call from his surgeon...he told me that Michael was a fit man and that made operating on him, such an easier job as he didn't have to cut through layers of fat to get to the prostate. He said he had preserved the nerves and also had pathology on standby, as he removed bilateral lymph nodes and the joy of joys was that they were all clear and so far the cancer was contained to the prostate, but this has to be checked on tissue samples to make sure he has all the margins.

It will probably take a few days for the final histology reports to come in but that sounds promising. Keep the happy thoughts coming for a swift and successful recovery (lets not go into the details of what I mean by successful though!)


Dumblond said...

Definitely keeping happy thoughts going your way!

Big A said...

Prayers traveling east along the coast.

Sounds as though he did well.

B&C said...

We're thinking of you all. Hope everything will be okay :)