Monday, March 9

The Tree House

As promised, lots more pics of the tree house. Well the living areas anyway.

The living room (I'm standing in the kitchen to take this)

Basically the same shot but showing off the breakfast bar and the gorgeous flowers

The kitchen, spring asparagus soup in progress

More of the sitting room and our lovely deck and tree top views

A fireplace! In Texas! At least it means we have a mantlepiece :D

Looking back towards the kitchen and you can see where the stairs come up. It's so nice to have the front door away from the living space, and also to only have one flight of stairs even though we're on the third floor.

The dining area and more windows

More of the dining area with my new herb project

View from the deck.

And from the other end of the deck (lots of birds!!)

More deck view 

We are absolutely loving the new house. It is so quiet -  nothing but birdsong most mornings - and so full of light. We're almost finished unpacking, only the eternal rearrangement of closets to go. We had John and Jo over for dinner on Friday and it felt really good to entertain here. During breakfast on the deck this morning we came face to face with red cardinals, red and yellow house finches, pesky white-winged doves and my favorite, the blue jay.


Ruthie said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous.
So lovely to think of you there.

Big A said...

It looks great. And fundamentally the same layout as the old place? Do we get to see the bedrooms and bathroom in the next installment?

I'm looking forward to the birds.

Josie said...

That's bathrooms!! You know, we have two now and are a bit lacking in some items like a second shower curtain for Tuesday's bathroom. So once we have them and have sorted out our closet and hung the funky baby curtains there will be more snaps! If you really want them . . .

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. Pleased to see that you have some distant views as well as all those gorgeous trees.Can't wait to visit.
Love Jeannie

Dumblond said...

That is a very nice place you have.
Enjoy the tranquility while you can! In a few months, it's all about the baby!

Anonymous said...

With all your photo's, I felt as though I was there with you. Very nice with your tasteful decorations. Loved the bird and the fire, is it a gas or wood or just a decoration. At least Santa will have an entry for Tuesday. No bathroom or bedroom???

Mum x x

Jac said...

Thanks guys, it really is a great much so that it is even harder to leave it and go to work in the mornings!

Photos of the rest once we get more settled in, although why you need images of our bathrooms I'm not sure!

Jac said...

Oh yeah, and the fireplace is a real, wood burning fireplace. The only reason I can see for its existence is why not? Ahh Texas!

Kathryn said...

Great pics Jac. its so good to have an idea of what things look like. The kitchen is almost an exact replica of our flat in Winston-Salem. Standard appartment kit kitchen?

Adrienne said...

Word verification: mouse

Consequently I couldn't resist leaving a message. The new house is beautiful. It makes me feel better about you being so far away that you have a lovely nest.

xMrs M