Thursday, March 26

...or not zoom zoom

Well, I'm not in LAX miserably waiting for a flight because I never left San Antonio thanks to nasty weather in Dallas! After 2 hours on hold with various airlines and much gnashing and wailing I realised there was no point taking a very delayed flight to LA only to spend the night there because every flight to Australia (I even tried Brisbane) would already have left!

So I have rebooked all my flights and connections (lets not even talk $s) and I now arrive on the same flight at the same time, just one &#%$ day later. I don't think I'm going to miss the wedding but it'll be close and I am going to be stupidly tired.

Least I get a bonus night home with my Presh, and I don't have to fly around tornados, which is always a bonus.


Ruthie said...

Hope journey goes well at second attempt.

Mothersupex said...

Safe journey, you poor thing. Hope your not too sleepy to enjoy wedding. We are all looking forward to visits

Anonymous said...

have talked to Jo, we will be there to pick you up. have a safe journey.
Love Jeannie