Tuesday, May 13

A truly Texan day

Firstly, Happy Birthday Alastair! I thought I'd try to get a post out today since I know you'll probably be checking the blog and for some unknown reason you're at work on your birthday! What's the point of retirement?

Our friend Harry, international man of mystery, came to visit us a few weeks ago on his way between China, where he had been living, and moving to Africa(!) Really he was in the US visiting his fiancée, but we got lucky for a brief window.

While he was here we thought we'd take him to some of our favorite truly Texan places, including Gruene, the little German town just outside San Antonio that has been "gently resisting change since 1872" and is home to the the oldest dance-hall in Texas (which had a rocking local bluegrass/folk band playing when we were there). We also took him downtown to La Tuna (the little tin shed pub that I've written about before) and Liberty Bar!

Not going to go on, this is just an excuse to post some Texan pics really :D

The Guadalupe river at Gruene. Milky blue/green from all the limestone. This is looking down from where we had lunch. There were a couple of big turtles climbing onto the rock, sunning themselves, then plopping back into the water.

Part of the fantastic collection of bar signs and lights at Gruene Hall.

Part of the charm of La Tuna is its location, near the flour mill and grain silos...and with the industrial train line basically running right through the place!

Harry and Josie at La Tuna drinking with our dear "true Texan" friend Tom.

La tuna...the cactus that gives our favorite watering hole its name.

Pecan trees and powerlines.

More powerlines just near La Tuna. It's a truly industrial part of town but for some reason we both really like it. Perhaps because it is less plastic or artificial than other parts of San Antonio...

Maude...what can I say. She was gently parked out the front of La Tuna by an immaculately dressed old man...they were an impressive pair and I fell for her at first sight.


Mothersupex said...

Happy birthday Alastair from us both, and I would have to agree, what are you doing at work, though we see you are a keen blogger, keeping up with the news?

Great pics Jac and it sounds like a lovely time had by all. No food descriptions???

Big A said...

Well thank you, ma'am.

Though in fact I >didn't< make the blog yesterday, and I'm ashamed to say that was because I was at an editorial board meeting.

But we did have a nice little birthday tea at home which involved anchovies, haloumi cheese, chorizo and harissa. All the major food groups.

And it's not over yet: plans are for Grandvewe on Sunday for lunch.

Love to all.