Thursday, May 8

Drambuie vs the Bogans

This one is for Hamish and his Nemesis...

You may have seen it before (it's kind of old now) but this was a classic piece of marketing done by Drambuie in Australia.

A language warning though, there's some Aussie pub talk in here (ie. you got the meat raffle tickets wet you dipshit!) that probably shouldn't be piped through the speakers in your office!

Drambuie Research

Watch the video. The executive summary is cute too :D


Anonymous said...

Dear Jac, Missing you both terribly. Married life is absolutely lovely. We've become gardeing freaks! I've been trying to think of ways of coaxing more product out of Cooper's Manure Machine (Moody Rudy the Welsh Pony X). By the time you come home the vegetable garden should be going great guns. Love you both. Birthday wishes to the girl. Kiss Kiss the newest Mrs Morton.

Jac said...

Hello Mrs Morton, we miss you guys too! I was going to email and ask your permission to post some of our gorgeous wedding snaps, but since you're here what you reckon?

Vegie garden sounds great. We miss having a real garden but keeping the plants on our deck alive during the Texan summer is enough work at this point!

Huge hugs darling girl and plenty for hubby too <3

Jac said...

Just to clarify I don't mean "our wedding snaps" in the sense that we snuck off and got married...I meant our photos of your wedding!

Just making sure there's no drama causing confusion. Nothing to see here people, move on...