Friday, May 16


I went to the dentist today at the insistence of my beloved who says we must do these things when we have good health cover. Must we? Now I feel all uncomfortable because my teeth no longer appear to bite down on the places they used to bite down on! Gah.

Anyhow, comfort me with soup! So I'm making french onion soup Delia style (but without the bread as I still have a love-hate relationship with bread). Going to watch some sappy chick flick and just wallow for a while!


CupKate said...

Poor JacJac. I have been very health conscious and been to the Dr, dentist and have an eye check for next week (all but dentist is covered by my good health care - funded entirely thanks to Centrelink and their health care card!). Dr says I'm still anaemic for no reason, and dentist says I need wisdom teeth out - I'll be eating soup then!! Hope you get your bite back!

Jac said...

Thanks Katie-bop. That anaemia sticking around is no good! Moar steak!

Going back monday to see if they can fix the bite thing. I'm sure it's only the tiniest little bit that's out of whack.

Mothersupex said...

Do you need a hug from cool Lonnie? Dentist...gulp. I have to have the first early morning appointment, or I won't go. I think it was growing up when torture was in the dentist chair when you had this huge man, with an equally huge assistant. (they always seemed huge when you are a child.) They were always cross and had a metal plate that came across your chest, and this is where they picked up and threw their instruments. No escaping! The needles were HUGE also. The drills and suckers were I'm sure rejects from the mines. They were so noisy. No glasses, T.V., bibs or pleasant faces to greet you or ask you if it is hurting. Dentist's are my dread, even though the one I have is wonderful but he knows I do not like going to see him. I truely understand. Poor Jac.
P.S. Love the new blog look.

Big A said...

I'm also for the dentist this week. Too enthusiastic with some delicious pork crackling and now missing a cusp on a rear molar.

No more crackling for me. Boo hoo.