Monday, May 19

Austin for the weekend

So we spent last night on the rooftop of a fabulous 1960's American condominium in Austin watching fireworks and drinking good champagne! A friend of ours from Australia was in town, teaching at the university of Texas in Austin (history professor) so we hopped on down to catch her while she was still in town. Perfect weekend for it as it turns out...not only did we manage to miss the tornado that ripped through a few days earlier, it was also UT's commencement ceremony that night. Commencement is actually graduation, but it's the huge ceremony that kicks off all the smaller more personalised graduations. What that meant for us though was Fireworks! And since everyone loves fireworks I thought I'd share the videos.

Everything in this country has a brand.

Only a tiny section of the seating that had been arranged for commencement. It was like being at the Vatican again!

The Austin campus is passionate about two things, the Longhorns (football) and churches. Nice combo here.

I made a friend who wanted to follow me around campus :)

Gorgeous fish stew and champagne dinner! I was in heaven. Jo had some lovely ravioli but boy did I get lucky :)

View of capitol hill from our 17th story rooftop. It's so lovely to get some height in Texas!

Turtles at the lake on Sunday morning as we went for our pre-shop-at-wholefoods walk.

Walking round Austin while the rain was threatening. This is looking back toward Capitol Hill and my favorite lotus-like skyscraper. Our State's capital eh?


Big A said...

Was there much left of the University after they had blown it up? It looked devastating.

Could do with more of that sort of stuff here. Forget the quasi-medieval graduations ceremonies; just burn it all down!!

(Gosh. Did I just say that?)

Mothersupex said...

You can sure pick your weekends. We heard about the tornado and as we heard nothing, we knew it was not as close as we thought. The video worked and was great. They go all out, don't they? We go to Nigel's, next weekend, as he is having fireworks.
Nice to see your little friend and also the turtles, but you couldn't help yourself and had to get in something about food. Oh well at least you are looking after yourselves.

Jac said...

The aftereffects were pretty amazimg with huge plumes of smoke drifting off in the slight breeze...really did look like the place had been set on fire.

You notice that the windows of the clock tower spell out 08?

As for pomp and ceremony, there was more than 2 hours of that, including speeches, 2 Beethoven symphonies and the academics in all types and colours of boofy gowns.

Jac said...

Also forgot to mention that I got the other bit of footage working.

Yay for more fireworks!