Tuesday, May 20

Random scratchings and a week in Carefree

I'm off to Carefree, Arizona for the week for a network (nerdwerk) analysis and genome-wise association conference so the blog will probably be a bit quiet. It's been over 100 degrees there recently! To make up for the impending silence I thought I'd post a few random sketches, some old some new, that I happen to have on this PC. You're mostly getting sketches because I don't have any other pics on here! Apologies if any of these have turned up before, I'm too lazy (read busy) to back-browse my own blog.


Mothersupex said...

Keep safe and enjoy Arizona. Love the sketches, a little different from the 'Gourmet Traveller'.

We wait for more, on your return.


Mothersupex said...

Me again.

It was lovely to hear Josie's voice, in the background, as you did that nice peice of work, filming the fireworks. I did pitk up the 08 in the windows. Well done

Hugs & love

Lily Hopping said...

Jac - you certainly are a woman of many talents. We admire you from afar and Lily and Charlotte adore your sketches. One of these days we will have to get some for their walls.

Your blog is amazing, keep up the fab work - we are big fans even if we don't post comments often enough.

Love lots
Penny :-)

Jac said...

Oh Pen, so great to hear from you!!

Glad you guys are following our adventures. I'll put up some more sketches today, although some of my stuff is a little on the deranged side :D

Huge hugs!