Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's days to all you mothers, motherers, and caregivers in general!

America is saturated in it; husbands taking their sons out to buy bunches of flowers, ipod speakers, perfume gifts sets or, of course, sugary treats. Yep, in this country intentions of love, admiration and appreciation are baked and frosted. Swirls of icing prompt you with whatever words are required for the given celebration, literally sugar coated.

These were all taken today, in our local supermarket. Mum, I'd buy you one of the cupcakes if I could, but you'd want to have a shot of insulin on standby! Hope the pics will satisfy (the heart shaped ones are giant cookies!)

By the way, this post is not to belittle mother's day, just the commercial institution that has latched onto it...perhaps more pronounced here. Much love to all our mothers <3

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Mothersupex said...

Thank you so much for your lovely phone call, also the thoughts to put this onto the blog. How absolutely amazing the Americans are. I wonder how long it will be till we see something like those cakes and cookies, in our supermarkets. Wonder what happens to the unsold. Do they have reductions or red spot specials? Thank you again my thoughtful daughter. Hugs.