Wednesday, September 30

The post immunisation post (and a griffin)

After crossing the 2 month barrier Marty was rewarded by the Texas government with a bath of 5 separate injections! The little trooper did remarkably well and put his mums to shame (I held him down and tried not to faint while Josie huddled in the corner!) Prior to the shots the nurse gave him some infant tylenol (panadol) in cherry flavour!! The poor bugger, the first thing he tastes other than breast milk is nasty cherry flavouring - blergh. Anyway, he did me proud by sicking most of it back up; a discerning palate already.

He's 11 weeks today (how did that happen?!) but he was 9 weeks when we went in for the shots, which means he also had his 2 month measures taken. At 9 weeks he weighed in at 12 pounds 4oz or 5.56kg (50th percentile) and 23 inches or 58.4cm long (also 50th percentile) so it seems he is entirely normal! The doctor didn't believe the figures (because he still looks chunky) so measured him again, but nope, still normal as anything. I guess he just isn't dense ;)

Here's a family photo we manage to shoot just before walking out the door to go to the doctor.

In other news we've managed to get the Roo not only sleeping for solid 6 hour blocks in the night but also sleeping in his cot! Ok, so his Poggie still wakes up every half an hour to make sure he's breathing but I'm sure I'll get over that soon, right?

Also, I bought a griffin... Not just any griffin either, but a giant griffin puppet! It was there, I was there, it was on sale and I'm a total sucker not only for puppets but also for animals whose existence is denied by some ignorant folks. I'm guessing he was on sale because your average punter here doesn't know what a griffin is unless it has a Harry Potter label on it.

Taking suggestions on a name for him...other than Grif!


Anonymous said...

...Amberogle...? or the cuter sussnite ...?


Mothersupex said...

Poor Marty, with his shots, but poor Poggie and Mommy. I hated that time, in your life, so Nana stepped up and was strong to take you. I'm with his other Mommy.

Love the photo of the family, thanks, and to think 11 weeks have passes. I'm with you in that I was up checking, making sure you were breathing, up again at the slightest grunt, then just up waiting and watching you, as you slept so soundly...but not me. So I fully understand where you are coming from, but it is all being a parent. You can't remember all these things, until your children experience them, then you realise that it is a copy of yourself. Just take the good bits from me.

Groofus the Griffin.

Hugs and love to you all, and a special kiss to Marty.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I remember is "Do not wake a sleeping babe" and "Don't prod it to make sure its still breathing", You'll do it, we all have, and regret it immediately. See the Friends episode where they wake Rachel's baby and then cant get it back to sleep....
Naming a Griffen...? a new activity in my life, never had to name a Griffen before. I think the emblem for Andrea and Robert's school was a Griffen so for me it could be "TURTON", the name of the school, so not relevant to you, My mum, Jo's Grandma, called every un-named thing as FRED, and Robert had/s a green creature of indeterminate breed known as "Henry". Or how about JIFF THE GRIFF?

I know what you mean about the Jabs. There will be many times where you want to avoid, or scream or behave in an uncalm way, but you have to find a way to convey peace and calm and an "its OK" persona, "your doing the right thing" for the sake of your child. It will carry on throughout the rest of your life so its good to practice now! You'll manage, you've been through so much already. GA Kate

Josie said...

You are very wise Auntie Kate! I was more worried about the immunizations than I needed to be, but I think that was because of all the blood tests we had to go through in his first few weeks. In reality this was fine, over very quickly and he only squeaked for a short time. Our doctor's nurse Tesha is a lovely woman, she did them quickly ans carefully then gave him a big cuddle!

Dumblond said...

I hate the shots. I can't stand needles. I get woozy. But I did okay with my tattoo...go figure.
I love hearing that Mr. Roo is doing so well.
As for the griffin...Tom.

Adrienne said...

I think a griffin needs a big name. They're proud creatures and would definitely have at least three names. To that end I propose the name "Aleksandr Grigorievich Ivanov". Aleksandr Grigorievich Stoletov was a Russian physicist and Ivanov was Chekov's first play. You could called him AGI (or Aggy) for short.

Clare said...

Adrienne's names are a hard act to follow - my griffin is called Boris - hang on, sometimes Hamish is also called Boris . . .
I have NEVER seen a child on the fiftieth percentile for anything, let alone 2 things - that is definitely not normal. What a relief!
Thanks so much for the family photo - lovely!
won't be long now before Big A and Mama Bear get to meet the Roo-boy - how exciting!!
It will of course require a new blog.
Loads of love


Anonymous said...

Not long before we are there and we promise we will take lots of family photos for all your adoring fans.

see you very soon

xx Jeannie

Big A said...

This time tomorrow we'll be two hours out over the Pacific! Mind you, the house and garden are SO tidy now we might just stay here :-)

The Somerset emblem includes a griffin, as did my school (Taunton). Or you could have Biffen the Griffin, in memory of Reg & Biffy?

Lunch now, then the packing.....

Penny said...

You all look so well and happy, you're doing a wonderful job there with your little chap :-)

When it was Lil's 8 week imms, I took Kel with me - James was working and from memory Mum was away. Well I was anticipating the worst (as you do) and about 5 mins before we were called in, Kel turned to me and said 'I don't think I can do this either' hmm fat lot of good we were together! But as with M Roo, baby Lil had a nano second cry and that was that! The first round is always the worst.

I don't think any names I could come up with could compete with those that have written before me... I might show my inner bogan a bit too much!

Love lots


Penny said...

.... actually Jac,
after having a brainwave - I just have to share.

What about Walter.. as in Walter Burley Griffin.



Jac said...

Thanks guys, I just love all the name suggestions!

Pen, I know you're biased towards Walter but I have a terrible feeling he's going to be called Burley Griffin! We had a cockroach who used to appear at random on our deck who was affectionately names Archie (Archie came to a bad end when he made the fateful decision to enter the residence...)

Penny said...

Love it Jac - now I need to find a little toy cockroach just so I can call it Archie tee he he :-)

And yeah, I know I have a bit of a bias towards the name Walter, but Burley is very cool.


booradley said...

I've seen that gryphon before - is it a folkmanis puppet? I've always wanted him!! Jade had a folkmanis terrier. Tres cute. :D

Fizzy xo

Anonymous said...

Note for Big A... The Somerset emblen was a Wyvern, not a Griffen! they are very similar and easily confused, and I am not sure I could identify which is which if it is out of context!!!!

Enjoy your trip.

GA Kate

Anonymous said...

Jo, thanks for that reply,
I know its hard with things like injections. I have distinct bad feelings remembering when Andrea first fell over outside and cut herself. Just a tiny scratch but it oozed a microscopic pin prick of blood.... I though it was the most awful thing that could have happened. I had broken my baby...
But I had to develop a "look at that, nothing, you're ok, lets get on with what we're doing." while inspecting for major heamorrage, the need for stitches ( then it would be a dont bleed all over the carpet, lets get it clean mode), and watching out for shock....Both mine abnd theirs. A friend of mine would immediately think "Shall I call an ambulance" and her child became very worked up at every wee scratch. It all gets better, and with the above problem, well Andrea doesnt fall over and cut herself now...
GA Kate x x x

Anonymous said...

When you look at the picture of the three of you... Just how did he fit into Jo's tummy?

GA Kate

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Lovely photo of you three :) And a griffin puppet?!! AWESOME.