Friday, September 4

Fish is fish (live action!)

As promised, video number 2 in the Marty Roo series - Marty Roo the incredible fish boy shows off his swim shorts and his new slimline body!

Check it out, you know you want to. And I promise the music isn't Playschool this time!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a water baby! It did make me smile.

xx Jeannie

Big A said...

Me too! (Looking over Granma's shoulder).

Are you game to let him float free? I'm always amazed by shots of those smiling, under water babies.

Mothersupex said...

Well we have had him on the huge Mac, in Rosemary's office, watched by Grandad, Gran and Rosemary. Just amazing and we all loved it. I'm with Rosemary, that you are going to have your hands full with that bright little button. Loved the swishing hair but was he trying to touch the round "jet" thing at the end of the bath? So pleased he is not in the Speedo's

chris said...

Hi Jac, Jo, and bay Roo,
Wales calling, have just discovered your exciting news and are sooooo pleased for you. We are Jo's Uncle (John), and Auntie (by Mariage) Chris and live on the farm with the pigs in carmarthenshire. Our 'baby' (now 24) was always known as Robbie Roo or even (on a good day) Robbie Ro0Roo - so welcome to the family of Roo's little one and congratulations to you both as well ( of course)

Anonymous said...

Which olympics are you entering Roo in? He looks as if he really loves being in the water and wil make a happy swimmer in the near future. The video was lovely.

He does look alot slimmer and I'd love to hear his noises, I can imagine the chuckels.

The swim nappies look great. I wish I had such a versitile wardrobe!!!

With Love,

GA Kate

Mothersupex said...

Rerun the video again, and again. It is so professional and lovely to see our little Roo. Really, all things aside, he is one very bright little button. ABO incompatibility, nahh, no worries there.

Thank you for this peek at our little one.

Hugs and much love to you all, and a special kiss to our special, precious MartyRoo.

Anonymous said...

He's just sooo cute!! videos and pics are amazing :D
Can't wait till the Roo hits England, I'll feel like I'm meeting a celebrity.
Much love, Bridgie xx

Josie said...

Hello Cousin Bridgie!
Thanks for dropping by . . . last time you met the Roo he was only 10 weeks old (and in my tum!). I hope you get to meet him in the flesh (and he has a lot of it) very soon. We had such a great time with you guys last Christmas. Who will help you arrange the decorations on this Christmas cake this year?
We miss you all,
Jose, Jac and Marty Roo

Anonymous said...

The girls said "He's dancing, he's dancing!"...we all loved the video!
Love Britt and the 3 girlies. X