Friday, September 11

Guess the profession

Marty is wearing a 'potential future profession' outfit - can you guess what might be on the front? Aunty Mona isn't allowed to answer since she bought the outfit!

Also, here's a super short and unedited clip of the Roo chilling out. He hasn't done a lot of that lately. Mr Grumpy pants has taken to being an insomniac and drama llama but I'm sure he'll calm down soon! (I have to believe that). Anyhow, here's his happy face :)


Adrienne said...

With parents as loving and as talented as you he's got the best headstart ever - he could be absolutely anything! I couldn't even begin to imagine!


Anonymous said...

Remember those happy smiles at 4.0am when he wont go to sleep. He's lovely.

xx Jeannie

Big A said...

Insomniac? Drama llama? Of course >our< children were >never< like that......

Maybe an actor?

Anonymous said...

I dont know what the future will hold for Roo, but i'd say at the moment he is absoluteley 100% proficiant at being 2 months old (almost). That's nearly 2 months, not nearly perfect....!
He has all the requisites and is carrying out his job of being 2 months without fault, Happy smiles, no sleep, crying at just the moment his mas drop off, being drama llama, and mardy.....etc, etc. Enjoy it even tho you feel like death warmed up, he'll be leaving home before you know it!
GA Kate xxx

booradley said...

I don't know what's cuter, Marty Roo's happy face or Josie's crooning. ;)

P.S. Olympic swimmer??

Fizzy xxoo

Ruthie said...

I vote for ... Adventurer/Explorer
GA Kate couldn't sum it all up any better and I too loved the crooning!

Mothersupex said...

Marty professional, well with all the great food his Mom's have, I wouldn't mind betting it is in THAT area of expertise.

The clip of him, all smiles, was beautiful, so too was Josie, getting him to smile.

Can't help but think of your brother Jac. All smiles and happy, during the day, but at night, well if he was first, there wouldn't be any you. It was hell for 3.5 years. Remember the smiles as hopefully the routine will start again, then comes teething. Enjoy every loving moment you have, as they grow up and move away.

Bee the Comics Widow said...

Lookin' cute!
B x