Saturday, September 19

Got milk?

Because we sure do! Mama Boo the milking cow has slowed down somewhat but she could probably go to Vegas for a week before Roo would start getting hungry.

Just a sample of out milk bank!

And of course I doubt I could get away with posting without there being a photo of Mr Roo so here's one of his big marsupial eyes. Ignore the naked mole rat! Oh wait, that's my beloved...

Whatchoo lookin at people?


Mothersupex said...

Yes I definately think that a few donations to the local hospital, would be good, as some just do not have what your beloved can supply so adequately.

Don't think you will gain any 'brownie points' for calling your beloved a naked mole rat :-D She has dignity and pride. I'll get the 'brownie points' now :-)

As for Mr Roo. His marsupial eyes are beautiful and what lovely composure. I agree, ALL posts must have the little Roo in them, it is a law now. Hope others agree.

Love to all three of you, and a special kiss to our grandson.

Vikki said...

Yay for you! If I was still breastfeeding, I'd be so envious. I never had that kind of surplus.

CupKate said...

That sure is impressive! He'll have all the breast milk he wants for some time. Lovely as always to see pictures of any of you three, and the Roo especially, as he chanctes so quickly! Big hugs to all of you!

Big A said...

Is the Kim Jong Il hairstyle deliberate or unavoidable?

Or does it grow, hobbit-style, from the draughts of Fangorn?

Jac said...

Big A: I'm petty sure the hair is a Richo trait so you are somewhat responsible! Unless somehow memetics is at work already in which case I should probably keep quiet ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, that is a classic photo! Go Jo-Jo ; )

love Britt. X

Clare said...

Well obviously they are both gorgeous but where is the one with all three of you? Anyway I am with Terry Pratchet on genetics - if Death can have a grand-daughter then Marty can have Jack's hair.

Anonymous said...

Well done with the milk flow. I had that "problem" and my surplus was collected every couple of weeks by the local neo-natal unit for those that needed it. I kept it up for nearly a year!
That last photo of Roo is really beautiful. He is a gorgeous bundle and should grow up as Hansome as the rest of us!

Or am I biased...?

GA Kate

Anonymous said...

PS: Does Jo have some clothes? or should we be sending her some and not for the Roo? I remember it was very hard to get dressed but i am begining to worry....!

GA Kate

Josie said...

Auntie Kate, you will be pleased to know that we went shopping this past weekend and I have two new tops! So you should be seeing me dressed soon enough! Jeannie said the same thing a little while ago, it's warm here . . . I keep away from the windows!

Anonymous said...

Jo, I am so pleased that you have got some clothes!
I know how hard it is to get round to getting dressed and the heat with you cant help. Come over here and experience a UK summer, you will get dressed real quick! I lie, we saw the sun a couple of times recently.
I expect the visitors help get you to dress as well. Dont take too much notice of what is said on these sites, an old work collegue gave me the most useful advice ever, "dont take advice, go with what YOU think is right", she qualified this by adding "listen to who you have respect for, like parents and close family and friends and the medical staff , consider it, read up if you want, then make your own decisions".
A sense f humour too is a real benefit when the little darling has sicked up for the third time and there are no co-ordinating clothes left in your wardrobe. I hear muslin squares worn over the shpulder or elsewhere are very in fashion!
GA Kate