Wednesday, September 2

How cute? (aka stalling for time...)

I know I'm long overdue for an update. I'm long overdue for all sorts of things! I have some very cute footage to post but I have to make it all pretty first so for now you're going to have to deal with this teaser shot of the incredible fish-boy.

Our little fish - and that swim diaper/nappy is brilliant!

Marty has changed so much the past few weeks. He's lost his hamster cheeks, he's sleeping 5 hours blocks during the night but his hair is still entirely untamable. He's totally got the hang of the smiling thing now and will smile away at anything, like the wall, for hours. Here he is helping me put his toys in his toy-box. Of course we had to try a few out...

Nom nom nom


What am I, on parole? Get this bear off me!

So, footage coming as soon as I have time to throw it together. But for now, bottoms up!


Anonymous said...

What a smart looking swimming nappy! His mother's hair used to stand up until it rubbed off. Thanks for more pics to ooh and aah over.

xx Jeannie

Jennifer A.K. Harris said...

Love the "whale" shot!!

Big A said...

Easy to satisfy the waiting hoards with shots like that.

Thanks for keeping us all up to date.

Clare Blue's Alias said...

As always, it cheered my day to see new pics up of The Boy. And it's been a long day (and still only 3.30pm though!), so the cheering is no easy feat!

Keep the pics coming, and keep doing whatever it is you're both doing to get that boy looking so happy :)

Love to all three,


Mothersupex said...

We love his swim diaper/nappy. Boy he sure loves the water.

We will take any photo's you can. It is just wonderful to have a peek into the life of Martyroo. Can we see that smile though?

An improvement about the 5 hour sleep block. That must help.

Perhaps a bit of YOUR hair products, could tame the Martyroo crop. Can just imagine you both with matching hair do's. Perhaps a bit harsh on his tender scalp.

Thanks for update, we just hang out for them, but no pressure :-)