Wednesday, June 25

More San Fran pics

China Town was one of the best I've ever been in. This street was mostly shops and restaurants while the next street over was like a massive vegetable market.

The Chinese restaurant we dove into when we first arrived, famished after 7 hours in transit and a 4am start (plus we lost two hours), but the chow fun was an excellent hunger buster! Pity we didn't score one of the curtained booths to the side.

There were lots of these (ivory? bone?) sculptures in the windows of the the more 'glamorous' shops in China Town. This one was huge, couch sized, and so intricate.

A random lamp in China Town.

We weren't the only conference geeks in town...Mac were running their developer's conference so the streets were filled with ipoded youths.

The San Francisco MOMA. Hansom building!

I love good street art and San Fran had quite a few notable pieces. This one was near our hotel.


Mothersupex said...

Wow more photo's and great text. They all add to the big picture and give us a look-in. Ta. x x

CupKate said...

I have a photo of exactly the same (style) of China town lights... to go with my photos of lights and doors! San Fran also had a Japan Town which was fun - we bought sushi molds. Thanks for more lovely pics - always nice to see what you've been up to!

Anonymous said...

Jac, my darling, did you photograph every meal you had in san fran?

love, Mrs Morton jnr