Tuesday, July 1

Breakfast tacos for all!

Just a quick shout out to a few special people who we wish we were with, and if we were we'd be sharing some of the deliciousness that is fresh breakfast tacos! Notably Rennie for her birthday and Clare and Hamish for their wedding anniversary! Also Mum, I would love to be able to shout you a couple of these once you recovered from the surgery. The egg and bacon are my favorite but Jo loves the migas with crunchy tortillas in her egg. Thinking of you all<3

Egg and potato breakfast tacos from the Taco House! Our favorite place to be on a Saturday morning. The spicy green salsa that goes with it is hot and tangy and perfect, and the soft tacos are made fresh while you watch...mmm


Anonymous said...

Dear lovelies,

Your card arrived exactly and perfectly on my birthday! I squealed when I saw that familiar handwriting in my letterbox. Those breakfast tacos look amazing. I think I might use less than ethical emotional leverage to force an action replay back here in Tassie when you make your way back to us!

Love, the A Team

Jac said...

Darling A Team, we at the J Team would love to make these for you (but our skills are seriously lacking...)

If we could we'd bring the entire Taco House to Tassie so that everyone could join the breakfast revolution.

Much <3

Jac said...

And JoJo says yours only shot at a reenactment involves Boat Harbour and copious hugs.

Mothersupex said...

Thank you Jac & Josie, for the enriching thoughts, will keep you up to it. You have many new skills, that we ALL wish to take part in. Perhaps we could do something special, with all the siblings, perhaps at Steve & Teresa's, and guess who is cooking :-0
Surgery went too well, so that now I am thinking he didn't get it.
Well I'm full of new ideas, for tacos. I was doing pasties in Filo, for ovbious reasons, but although the filo was well in date, and not opened, it was a bad packed, and fell apart, so I used tacos and they were different but good :-] So there is an extra one from me too, but I think the eggs appeal greatly. Hugs and love to you both. Part of my work verification is eat!!!!!

H said...


Sorry haven't been in touch in a while - don't have the interweb at my house anymore so no chance of random, late-night chat chat...

You good? I'm ok, busy but sporadically so... maybe that's not busy.

I want tacos now.

Hope you both well. Talk to you soon.


Dr Dogsbody said...

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Egg and spuds are girly girly tacos. Cartman says you don't get that kind of thing at Casa Bonita.