Thursday, July 17

Bad blogger

It's true, I've been a bad blogger, and I have so much to tell you! A 4th of July pool party, a real American baseball game, a trip to the Texas's all there and waiting.

We have our friends Chris and Briony visiting from Oz for the next few days and then I'll try my best to post some updates. I also have to work out what to do for my birthday and for some reason I'm way more stressed about turning 31 than I was about 30. Turning 30 was a Peter Pan moment, I felt like I didn't really have to grow up, but 31 is like sudden ejection into responsible adulthood - bleh.

For now I'll leave you with the cake that Josie decorated for the 4th of July party ^_^

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Penny said...

Now that's my kind of stars and stripes right there! Hey Jac - how I wish I could be celebrating a birthday with a '3' and a '1' oi vey....

love lots