Friday, June 6

House-sitting luxury

Howdy y'all.

We've been house-sitting for the past week and as you can see from the photos we sure haven't had any complaints about that situation! It's been close to 40 degrees all week, so we were grilling and swimming every chance we got!

Back in the itsy bitsy apartment now, but off to San Francisco at 5am tomorrow for another conference! Jo is joining me for most of it so we'll be sure to update you on our return.

Oh, and the corn in San Antonio at the moment, heaven :)

More of the's over 25 degrees in that water!

The pool, spa and grill, which got a good workout (such a lovely BBQ to use)

Jo's steak and my salmon, plus vegi extras (all grilled) and a mozzarella/cherry tomato salad

Hot paprika, lemon and butter on grilled corn is such a good combo

Another of our grilled dinners, this one all vego (I think we had 10 vegies?!)


Big A said...

Stop it! You're making me dribble.

I hope San Francisco is good. Look forward to the report.

Mothersupex said...

We can see why you like house sitting. What a fantastic place. Bring it to Tassie, with a heated pool of course, and what would the price be? Glad you both are enjoying a bit of luxury.

The food, well this is before breakfast here and I am sure you could hear the tummy rumbles, from over there.

Two additional things to do, if no jobs forthcoming.
Painting or drawing and of course cooking. Then again, what about an updated and publishable cookbook of your own recipes?

Enjoy San Francisco. Thanks for blog updates

Lily Hopping said...

How amazing is this place... matched very well with your incredible cuisine (drool x 2)

Checked out the absolutely devine catrabbit creations online - you were right! But I have to say, you are every bit as talented, just perhaps a tad too time poor.

Stay well


wills! said...

So much food! Theres nothing in our house!:(