Thursday, June 5

More scribbles!


These guys came out of my attempt to pay attention to the speakers at the last conference (I honestly listen better when I'm drawing!)

I'm posting them for Lily and Charlotte, and for Prachet (for his birthday) and for Kath, who I miss as a conference buddy!

Dear deer

Drippy... (I was hungry!)


Mothersupex said...

Just loved the scribbles, but what is the name of the last one? Yor few words were very nice, and very you.

Lily Hopping said...

Jac you gorgoeus one - they are fab!

We love them xx

I think we will have to try to sew some of these an make them into little soft toys - I can just picture them!

(L & C both have a couple of 'Ugly Dolls' each - are you familiar with them? we adore those)

Perhaps you may have another career as a toy designer along with all the other trillion things you do!


Jac said...

Hey Pen,

Actually, I have been known to make toys of these for people on the odd occasion. Most of them were rabbit derivatives...but with a happy and a scary face on each side of the toy. I am, however, not the world's most patient seamstress!

When I get back from San Fran I'll have to post some pics of my catrabbit toys. She's a Tasmanian designer who makes the most gorgeous 3D felt versions of her drawings, I adore them!