Thursday, June 5

Hope is in the air!

"HOPE" by Shepard Fairey

I don't usually delve into the political realm, but it has been such an interesting time to be in America leading up to the election, and watching the way the primary system works in terms of deciding who will run etc.

Now I'm not mentioning any of this to be provocative and I don't really care what your political leanings are, but Josie and I are both huge Barack Obama supporters and the democratic party campaign has been fascinating to watch. It has been a pretty fierce battle between two great candidates... Hillary (go girl!) and Barack, but last night Obama made history by becoming the first black presidential nominee in the United States! He's young, he's gorgeous, and he makes a lot of sense. Not only that but his campaign has been filled with the most incredible posters! We're lucky enough to have scored one of the HOPE posters (thanks Cass!!) which will grace our walls for years to come in Oz and hopefully remind us of that feeling of a whole, hope filled country balancing on the threshold of something incredible. Here's hoping it actually spills over! I'm so excited!

"PROGRESS" by Scott Hansen

"CHANGE" by Shepard Fairey

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Big A said...

Let's all hope the prolonged Democrats struggle hasn't played into McCain's hands.

I think Hilary as a running mate would do just that.

But hey, what do I know?