Friday, April 30

Derwent River panorama

I'm about to give my first talk at the new workplace and I'm excited about it in a geeky kind of way - basically I love the data :)

But I thought I'd quickly share with y'all another love of mine, and that is the view from this part of Tassie. Click on the photo to make it bigger. I stitched together a panorama of shots taken from a little hill (called the battery because they used to have some kind of cannon defence system there!) about 5 mins from the middle of town. To the left are the foothills of 'the mountain' aka Mt Wellington. I couldn't fit the mountain in but you'll see better shots of that later. It is our compass and companion here - you always know where you are based on where the mountain is. Heading to the right you can see the city (tiny little Hobart) and the bridge over to the Eastern Shore (the dry looking landmass you can see over the water) and to the right you're heading down the Derwent River (which is exceptionally deep so all sorts of ships port just near downtown) and out towards the sea at the far right.

Remember to click on it and make it big!



Ruthie said...

Simply beautiful and so well stitched :-)

Anri said...

wow, beautiful. Would make a good canvas picture x

Johannes said...

What beautiful pictures you have put out. They make me think that I have to go to Tassie; It is now oficially on my things to do before ... list :-) How fantastic that you are excited about the new job too :-) A good combination!

Mothersupex said...

Lovely to view Hobart and also to hear how your going, in the work situation. Hope your talk went well and you were not worrying about me and my operation. All is good and I am doing well, hoping to go back to Launceston on the weekend.
Mum x x

Vikki said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I need a view like that today so thanks.