Wednesday, May 5

Josie's Birthday and a quick update

The University Rose Garden and view of 'the mountain' on my walk to work. Yep, I did say walk!

This may be a bit of a scatty post because I'm at work before 8am, I'm supposed to be working on a fellowship application and I could do with about 3 days of extra sleep! Today is a gorgeous day - the sky is crystal clear, there isn't a breath of wind and it's the beloved's birthday! I have to admit that I am 'the suck' as far as partners go, since I didn't say happy birthday until we stumbled upstairs for breakfast to find a table decked out with cards and packages! Bad Jac! I will make it up to her tonight (I hope) since we are going out for our very first dinner together, alone, since Marty was born! I'm taking her to Piccolo in North Hobart which I was very impressed with last March, so here's hoping they're still on fire. Of course I will blog the entire meal later :D

I was going to write a post about my new workplace with lots of pics but like i said, there's a fellowship application calling so for now you'll have to settle with a news brief and some photos from our last few weeks in Texas.

News Brief:
I'm about to finish my 3rd week of work and it is all going well. Looks like there's plenty of project that my input may be at least partially useful on. I'm fired up to get some grants in and get some funding so that's all good. I don't have a computer yet and it looks like that may still be 3 or 4 weeks off so thankfully I have my laptop! Only downside is it means another 4 weeks on the unpredictable wireless network.

We're still house hunting - both to rent or buy. It turns out we're quite fussy... who would have guessed?!

We're starting to get out and about a bit more although we still haven't got into the swing of really catching up with people (we're getting there though!) Marty is finally settling down sleep wise, which is making a big difference, but again he has a way to go yet.

We miss everyone from Texas horribly. I had a bad moment on Saturday where some of the reality came crashing down and I turned into quite the beast. I guess it is a form of grief and it sure does come sneaking up on you when you don't expect it! Thank goodness for the internets! Chatting online and skype help make the distance feel less vast. If anyone wants to find me I'm almost always on gtalk (

Hi ho hi ho off to work I go. Here's some pics to tide you over until I get a more interesting post up!

Mr Happy having a lovely time on John and Jo's lawn. This was about a week before we left Texas, in the middle of an absolutely stunning spring! (well, apart from the insane clouds of oak pollen)

It's amazing what you'll do to keep a little one happy while the movers spend six hours packing up the house around you. Marty is water obsessed - he crawled fully clothed into the bottom of Josie's shower the other day and was having a lovely time! He was probably due for a wash ;)

All we needed was a sink, and old apple and a giant grapefruit to keep him happy. If only he were still amused by simple things! Now he's more interested in attempting to dismantle a TV remote, work out how a heating panel works or dismantle Papa's newspaper!


Big A said...

Look, I'll gladly sacrifice the newspaper! (Well, after I've read it, perhaps).

Who wouldn't? That boy has more charm per square inch than anyone I know.

Freckled Sparrow said...

Happy Birthday Jo! You guys enjoy that dinner! How lovely you get to go out tonight together :) By the way Jac I have some off cuts of a certain bunny wave that might work in your office. I'll save it for when we see you guys real soon :D
Happy house hunting and sending hugs for the sad moments, B xox

Anri said...

Happy birthday Jo!
Hope you had a great birthday meal
Keep the photos coming Jac!
Alastair's right, he definately has plenty of charm per square inch and we can't wait to be able to see him again x

Anonymous said...

Well Happy Birthday, and I hope that Piccolo lived up to expectations!

I am sure Marty did it tough at home! (aka the charm offensive with A and J!)

I wonder, did your first dinner without the lad have substantial bits of him in the conversation!!! How would I know?

Mothersupex said...

Oh Josie, so much is going on in Melbourne with Doctors, technicians to tweek my stimulator, I have missed your birthday. I did ask Michael, on Monday, if there was a birthday then, as something felt odd. I'm soooooo sorry.

Marty looks so beautiful, as ever.

Jac, I can honestly feel your heartache at leaving San Antonio. When I left Melbourne to come to live in Tasmania. Yes it would be a delayed grief and sometimes it does catch up with you, when you least expect it to do so.

Hugs all around, especially a big one for you Josie and also the little Roo.

CupKate said...

Hope the dinner was up to the delicious expectations! Looking forward to hearing a report.
Hope Jo had a lovely day and Marty gave her especially big sloppy kisses and charming smiles.

Adrienne said...

I was terribly homesick for Melbourne when I first moved back to Hobart - some days I actually felt nauseous and had to go home for a cup of tea and a lie down because of it. So I feel your pain - although I'm still horribly glad you're back regardless.

xThe A's and Mr Bump.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am so late with this... Belated happy Birthday and I do hope the meal without the Roo wasnt too much of a wrench and that you both enjoyed it...sure you did.
Yes I feel for you with the emotions that come with leaving a place you were so happy in. But time will ease the pain and you know you love Hobart as much as anywhere, It will become home again soon.

I think big A's comment should be Cubic inch rather than mearly square... The roo is wonder boy and no mistake!!!

GA Kate

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all have fun in the sink like a wee one? He looks sooo happy.A great play area!
GA Kate