Sunday, April 25

Home...where to start?

Well, we've been in Tassie for two weeks now. I'm not really sure where to start this post! It feels like so much and yet so little has happened in that time.

The exhausting hours spent in LAX seem like years ago!

Travelling with a child means travelling with lots of stuff! The stroller is super useful for hauling it all around though. And for those of you who asked, we got the stroller back the same night we arrived! Go Qantas :D

It has taken Marty a full two weeks to recover from the jet lag, move, new foods etc and I'm still not entirely convinced that he's fully settled, but he is doing really well. Not so good at the whole sleep caper yet but then again, he never was! He's crawling like a mad thing, pulling himself up on anything he can find, and actually crawling into anything he can get his paws around, like suitcases, or the fire place! All this activity of course results in bonked heads but he's tough. He's also loving the garden and hooning round under the clothes line - a unique Australian experience! I'll have to remember to take the camera out there next time. He's met Purry our cat and they seem to get on pretty well. Purry has even let Marty pull his fur, tail and ears without complaint and he still hangs around! It has been wonderful to have him back.

I spent the first day in Tassie (a Saturday) sitting in front of a computer finishing off a grant that was due the next day. Not at all fun with the ground going up and down under my feet - at least that's what it felt like! The rest of the week was spent talking to banks, medicare, looking for somewhere to live and chilling out with the Roo getting him settled. We still haven't really caught up with many people, and those we have seen have been flying visits. We'll get there though. For the first week we were all in bed by 7pm at the latest! Which of course meant Roo was ready to roll at 6am.

I started work on Monday and have been there for a week. I'll write a separate post about that later. Short story: all is going well. The new building it pretty awesome although going from my lovely office in Texas to a cubicle sucks, no matter how nice the cubicle may be.

I can't say too much about how it feels to be back in Tassie yet because we're taking it pretty slowly but it sure is beautiful here! It isn't like I forgot how stunning this place is but it still takes my breath away whenever I look out the window. We are staying with Jo's folks until we work out where we're going to live (rent or buy? argh!) and the view from their place across the mouth of the Derwent river is just sublime!

The view from the front doorstep

Same view, stunningly different evening!

A very foggy day and some good old Aussie telegraph wires

Moving here is totally different to visiting... Usually we try to pack all our favourite activities, people and food into a week or two. Now that we know we don't have that kind of time limit we're letting ourselves take it really slow. We're working on finding our feet, getting into the rhythm of work, beginning to socialise and slowly working out a longer term plan. We've been pretty stressed about the whole house thing but I think we just need to relax a bit more and really enjoy Tasmania! We both have phones now so if you want the numbers please email me (jac dot wabbit @ gmail dot com) - we'd love to hear from you!


Ruthie said...

Great to read blog, see wonderful pics and connect with you again.
I've just got back from a school trip to Normandy - wonderful but now knackered!
Sending lots of love,

Anri said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, there are some amazing views there! Glad Mr Roo likes purry and more importantly Purry doesn't mind Roo! Hope you're settling into your new job OK. it can't have been fun doing the grant stuff on your first day back in Taz!

Big A said...

Commenting seems kinda redundant when the blog poster lives downstairs!

But for the rest of you guys: we are loving having this half of the family back with us. The little Roo is a joy and I'm enjoying wheeling him around in his stroller (even up the hill from the beach).

Mothersupex said...

So nice to see a blog, means you are starting to settle a little.
Poor Josie looks tired, waiting for the plane, and probably pretty anxious about the little Roo and how he will travel.
We understand fully, from our wonderful visit, how fast that little Roo travels on his knees, boy oh boy, and yes, bonk into things that don't move. His poor little head will have some battle scars.
Hope you, at least, have a window in your cubicle? Bet there are pictures of your two very special people, all around you, and some other memories too :-D
Our visit was just fantastic and thank you so much, for the effort, even when you were all still jet lagged. Hugs and love to you all. x x x

esty said...

So happy you are all well and recovering. We have been praying for you 3 and waiting somewhat patiently to know via blog how you guys are and MartyBear, esp.
Good girls for taking things thoughtfully paced. Lots of love~Esty for all here

Vikki said...

I'm so behind in my blog reading. Anyway, glad that you arrived safely. The pictures are gorgeous and I'm sending you settled thoughts.

Also, my word verification for this comment is "crasea". I think it's commenting on my mental status.

CupKate said...

Great to see a post and to hear that you're settling in a bit. Bit of a change of pace after all the build up to leaving, and of course all the packing up. Goodluck finding a home - but I suspect your current household won't be kicking you out in a hurry!
Look forward to seeing you once you're more settled and Roo knows which end of the world he's in!

word verification: acate... well its nearly me!

Rita said...

Guh. So beautiful. I think I should definitely move to Tasmania and start an SOP-Tasmania branch.

We miss y'all so much!