Monday, April 13

Tassie pics

Ahh home sweet Tassie home... It seemed even more beautiful to me after having been away.

It was a gorgeous day at Cornelian Bay - even better for the dude in the boat I reckon!

Ahh Mount Wellington, how I miss you as my compass

The flowering gum at Jo's parents' house (those apostrophes hurt my brain!)

And just to remind me that Tassie gets cold, SNOW! Snow to 600m even, in early April!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely place, who would want to live in Texas!

Mothersupex said...

We know where we want to live :-)

Big A said...

And I'll be glad to heading back there this evening! Just closing off my pleasant (if a bit lonely) stay in the UK.

BandC said...

Great to hear you're back safe and sound! Sleep well (both of you!)