Wednesday, April 29

Back in San Antonio

Yeah I know I've been back for over a week now, but trust me, it has been so busy that today is really the first time I feel fully home, feet on the ground and ready to go.

Seeing Jo waiting for me at the airport was so wonderful that for a brief second I didn't realise how much bigger her tum is, but bigger it sure is! She still hasn't put on much weight, no extra anywhere else, just the tummy (5kg all up!). She looks fabulous - 29 weeks yesterday. She passed the gestational diabetes test (although I'm not sure how given the amount of Easter 'candy' consumed!) and everything is kicking along very smoothly right now. Tuesday is a wriggler but doesn't seem to move all the time like some wrigglers, not enough to be excessively uncomfortable at this point. Lucky us, yet again!

Here's a pic just to prove that Josie is doing well. Our lovely friends hosted a preggersaurus BBQ the day after I got home. It was gorgeous weather and great to be sitting out in the sun reminding myself what time it was and which side of the globe I was on now. Good food never hurts either!

These are the three preggersauri from the BBQ. While not in order of due date, can you believe that Josie is last in that lineup?

So while I'm here mindlessly blogging, let me just cover the topic of swine flu since everybody seems to be freaking out about it. Jo and I are not sick, nor are we at any great risk of getting sick. The cases they keep talking about here are near San Antonio, not in San Antonio, and it is a very big city anyway! No one has died outside of Mexico. Let's not go Henny Penny just yet folks. (Wow, and in another weird twist I just discovered that Henny Penny is also a brand of chicken fryers...wrong much?) Can I just repeat, at this point no swine flu-related deaths have been reported outside of Mexico.

Ok, pandemic hype aside, we took advantage of the luscious spring weather and went back to the Texas coast this weekend with our Norwegian friends and their two little ones. It was a lovely break from the hectic work week that was last week. The temperature was perfect and even though it is only just spring the sea was at least 20 degrees and perfect for swimming. There was even a bit of surf! The first time I've seen any kind of waves there. I managed to discover and maim a whole new set of sandcastle building muscles and burn my shoulders, but I needed some sun after spending the past 6 months or so as a mushroom.

The Texas Gulf Coast on what looks like a wild day, but was actually perfect and much more pleasant than the belting heat of summer. Remember to click on these pics to make them bigger.


Mothersupex said...

The photo's look fantastic. So nice to see Jo and her friends. Your break, near the water, well you miss the sea so much but a big slap for not putting on your sun screen. Being a mother, I am allowed to say that. Also relieved that you described the swine flu, though I was NOT going to get on the phone, all worried, and us being distressed. Your the Dr :-)
Thank you for the update. We have been hanging out for something.
Hugs to you both

BandC said...

Congrats on passing 28 weeks! You guys rock :)
I got the brick that is Kaz Cooke's Kid Wrangling the other day. It's GREAT!! The new kid's winter range at Kathmandu has just come out. Making me clucky much???
B xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of our Jo, I was hoping you'd take some. Jo you look great and large, but I did too. Glad you could get in some swimming.
Love, Jeannie

Big A said...

What can I say? I like putting my hand on pregnant stomachs, but it can be interpreted as an invasion of privacy. But with your own daughter....

I'd like to feel him wriggling.

Thanks for the pics

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac and Jo, well..... Jo doesnt have a bun in the oven, she has a bakers dozen! And doesnt Jo look just gorgeous. Congratulations to you both on your wonderful news with growing babies. I am a late developer with such news! But was very excited when the braggging Granny Jean told me! Continue enjoying the journey.... and keep posting lovely pictures.You will make great parents.
Cheers, Ruth and Christian and Boys from Hobart.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jo! Big A has been reminding me to post comments on his site and so I thought I'd try here too. I'm a novice and havnt managed very well so far. I dont really understand all the username stuff. Hence I'm Anon.
Glad too that the Swine flu is not getting to you. It seems to be BIG news here in UK and is worrying alot of people unnecesarily. Keep well!
Glad Jo looks so well. Reminds me of her Mum at a similar stage with Jo!!!
Love to you all,

Jac said...

Hi Ruth and Christian (and family!) thanks so much, we really appreciate your comment and it is great to know that you've been checking the blog!

And Kate, great to see you on here and you did just fine commenting! Don't worry about user names, only really matters if you have a blog of your own. As long as you say who you are in the comment it's fine! Swine flu was blown out of all proportion by the media, makes me mad! Will post more pics soon :)