Friday, April 10

The Headlines

Clearly I'm still in Australia hence no blog posts! Thought I'd just quickly post some of the news. Expect a more comprehensive post soon

# Tassie was wonderful and it was so good to see everyone. Talk about making me homesick though! I think I ate myself through half the state satisfying my cravings for prawn laksa, fresh Tassie oysters and washed rind cheeses.

#I have my visa in my hot little hand so that venture was successful, woot! Having an 'appointment' at the consulate seems to simply mean they will let you in the door and has nothing to do with an actual time system. As such I milked it, arriving at sparrowfart and getting ticket number 3 through the door which means I was out of there by just after 9am! Record time. The only questions I got asked this time seemed to be about the economics of my program...soo glad I took all those bank statements and 'non-immigrant intent' proofs (sarcasm).

#My bad luck with flights and planes continues...this time my flight out of Hobart was late, leaving me very little time to make the Adelaide connection. That stress became redundant when we attempted to land - the plane bounce once and then aborting the landing, suddenly thrusting again and taking back off to circle the city for a while! Scared the crap out of us all to say the least but landing #2 was fine, albeit well after my connection left. No idea what happened but I'd prefer not to do that again. Made it to Adelaide a few hours late but in one piece so that's where I am now.

That's enough excitement for now. I'll have better internet for a few days so I'll try to pop up an update again soon, and maybe some pics. Thanks to everyone who has fed me or given me a place to crash or transport so far, and sorry to everyone I didn't get to see this time round <3


Mothersupex said...

I'm so glad you are safe, what a horrible thing to happen. Heaven knows I would be at my wits end if I were in the plane and it aborted landing. And also, Australia is very quite on those happenings because it hits the papers and T.V. but with Easter everything is out of kilter.
All the Church services, so far, were lovely, though Dad had to sit on many occasions. Had Richard (what a waste)!
Having your younges sibling and girlfriend here today Sat. so will be good.
Many hugs and a very happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

So your plane sagas continue! It was great to catch up, though only briefly. Safe rest of trip.

Love Jeannie

Jac said...

Yeah, it is no wonder I have a fear of flying! Although in situations like that I'm not hits more randomly when nothing much is happening!