Thursday, April 30

Showing off my new camera

Look out my ornithologist friends! Here's some pics off my new digital SLR which arrived the day AFTER I left for Australia! Tragic I know but I'm only just starting to play with it now. The camera is a Nikon D60 and oh she is a lovely beast. So good to have that level of control in my hands again.

These photos were taken in Port Aransas at one of the bird sanctuaries that we've been to before. No sign of the gator though! I'll let my twitcher friends see if they can name these beauties, although I'm pretty sure I have most of them pegged :D

Remember to click on the pics to make them bigger!


Mothersupex said...

Those pics are just wonderful. So much detail. I am green with envy. Hey it's Mothers Day soon, a Nikon D60 would be good :-D

Anonymous said...

Glad you went back to that reserve, I'll leave the identification to Big A. Great pics.

Big A said...

Thanks, Jeannie. Pressure's on now!

I see a stilt (black-winged?), grey heron, brown pelican, rosy spoonbill, turkey vulture, red-winged blackbird, some cormorant, coot and a Buteo hawk.

And ducks, lots of ducks. I don't really do ducks.

Do you think >I< need a camera like that??

Mothersupex said...

Wow Alastair, you did a great job of identifying those birds and I think we both need one of those cameras. There has been little response though.

I'm sure the camera was really purchased to take those extra special shots of our new grandchild. mmmm 'U'

Jac said...

Mitts off my camera people! I bought it to take photos of Tuesday of course, mostly because I wanted more control over the focus, but I had to wait for my tax check hence not having it in time for Australia.

Alastair, nice work. Think I had all of those except the Buteo hawk. Where is he? The ducks were just an added level of excitement to the vulture's arrival.

Mothersupex said...

I was correct in my rhinking. We will expect some great photo's sent :-]

Alastair and myself will just have to do with what we have. At least we have moved up a little, from the "box brownie", because that was given to you.

Big A said...

The Buteo hawk is in the last frame. Big fan tail, shorter head that the turkey vultures. There are several species. One on the front cover of the Sibley guide, I think.

I suppose everyone has a nerdy tendency somewhere.

Big A said...

I've been looking at it again, and I'm worried now. It isn't the same bird as the turkey vulture earlier with the distinctive underwing pattern.

I shoulda bin there.

Jac said...

The last frame is still the turkey vulture, taking off for round 2, unless you mean the little guy in the reeds?

Next time you tell me what they are as I'm shooting, k? Amazing how easy it was to track stuff in flight, although I guess I have some level of practice tracking folks at weddings. You wouldn't believe how tricky it is to keep the bride in focus at all times!!

Big A said...

U sure? I don't see that pattern of dark on the underside of the forewing and then pale behind. But, hey, you were there!

And of course the camera cannot lie.

But the photos are impressive and make me wonder what I could do with a camera like that (see previous comments!).

Jac said...

Wow, I feel famous. I had to remove a comment that was a trixy form of spam.

I am protecting you all!!