Wednesday, January 17

Still chilled...

Arctic Blast!

That's what the TV is constantly telling me. If I hear them say 'freezing rain' one more time I will SCREAM! Yep, we are officially housebound, and cabin fever may be setting in. It got below freezing yesterday and hasn't budged since. Everything was already wet from earlier rain, so that froze right away, and the rain we had last night was indeed freezing (defined as: freezes on contact). We woke up this morning, not to a blanket of snow, but to a thick layer of ice on everything!

There's no sign of it lifting yet. If anything the snow is getting closer, and as they say, snow on top of ice is bad news. Most of the roads were shut today, but there were still over 100 accidents by mid-morning. Aside from the feeling of being trapped it's very exciting, and we both jump to the window when we here the next round of 'ping ping' ice against the glass. We went for a brief walk to the mailbox this morning and took some pics, but even that was a risky undertaking! Matt tried the same adventure at his place and slipped and hurt his knee!

Not sure if these pics will be as bad as it gets, I hope not though! I'll keep you posted.

Lights on our deck




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