Thursday, January 18

The Ice Storm

The 'Arctic Blast' continues, and we're still enjoying it! More freezing rain overnight. We went out again this morning to take some photos and this time I nearly lost it on the stairs! Luckily Jo stopped me going out in my ugg boots. I'm not very bright sometimes...

I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Our deck roof edge

More lights

Over our stairs

mmm...crunchy grass

Frozen trees (der...)

The gate to our stairs.

Good, old fashioned Texas BBQ anyone?

And from the looks of poor old Petey we couldn't go anywhere if we tried. Hard to see from some of the pics but he is entirely encased in ice, about an inch thick.

One last one...Holiday destination anyone? Reminds me of the Scottish B&B skits from Little Britain!


Lorena said...

Great photos. I especially like the one of the car door handle. It was actually fun getting the ice off my car (with the aid of a real scraper...not the ridiculous credit card suggestion they give on the news). It comes off in big sheets and makes cool noises. :)

jeannie said...

Amazing, I especially like the icicles that look like leaves on the tree. So glad you had to stay at home

Big A said...

The ecologist wonders about the environmental effects of all this. I remember seeing pictures of an ice storm on Dartmoor that was such a rare event that it was celled The Great Ammil (or something like that) and devastated the vegetation. But maybe the Texas plants are more used to it.

How would you like to be encased in ice?

b&c said...

Makes me think of the time we watched The Ice Storm. Is everything really quiet? The trees look absolutely beautiful.

Jac said...

I guess plants that can survive 40+ degrees for weeks on end can cope with being an iceblock for a few days. The oaks here have an uncanny ability to look dead. Someone needs to tell them the chlorophyll is green not grey!

CupKate said...

Wow those are some amazing photos. Do bits of icicle 'stalactites' fall off and stab people that walk underneath like in computer games??? Hope your place is built to tolerate the heat and the cold - so you don't freeze. Guess its probably settled down now anyway.
And no ice-encasing for me please.