Thursday, January 4

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock
On Boxing day Teresa, Steve, Jo and I headed out to the hill country, to go climb something known as 'enchanted rock'. We hit Fredericksburg on the way through, and had a good hearty German lunch of bratwurst and sauerkraut and potatoes...mmm We did a quick lap of the main street, which I've described before, and was no less tacky touristy on this trip, but always fun.

Enchanted Rock was gorgeous and had something about it that reminded me of Australia. It was a huge lump of pink granite poking out of the ground. There were several options for walking trails the rest of my group, of course, picked the summit trail *sigh*. It was great to see that the trail markings were not overdone...I was partially expecting carved stairs and handrails. At times it was difficult to work out where the trail really was, but it didn't really matter since you just had to keep going up. I'm not entirely sure why it was originally named Enchanted Rock, something to do with the noises it makes when it changes temperature I think, but the enchantment for me (of the evil wizard kind, not the fairy godmother) was the slow curve of the rock meant that every time you thought you were at the top another 10m climb appeared out of nowhere!

Cactus I'll let the pics speak for the rest (since at this point I was somewhat out of breath anyway) It was so incredibly quiet, even with the small crowd of fellow climbers, and just a perfect day. I can't even imagine how hot it must get up there in summer!

Teresa, Steve and Jo



b&c said...

Enchanted Rock looks kinda like a serene moonscape (with cactus) - I like that it makes noises with temp change! The pics of the Christmas lights were lovely (even without the tripod), almost candy-like in their colourful squiggles. Glad to hear you all had a good Christmas. It's so nice you had family as well as friends to spend it with.

It's a cloudy, mildly humid day here today. I can hear Oscar's family having fun in their pool. Missing you both, B & C xx

Anonymous said...

Hi girls,

We're just back from nearly 6 weeks in India and managed to pass on the stomach cleansing after-effects of food: v. disappointing! Oh well, there's always next time.

Yoga school in Pune was ace: very hard work (6 hours a day, 6 days a week) but the Iyengars are sensational teachers. Then up to Rajasthan via Mumbai for a week to see some colleagues of Ph's. He gave an address and a reading and I squaked in a little seminar. It was huge fun. Rajasthan is, as they say themselves, pretty 'feudal' but, because of that, there are quite a few foreigners. In Pune we were usually the only non-Indians floating around.

Coming back was weird: on the one hand, Sylvia (who moves to Sydney on 25 Jan) and Olly were there to meet us and on the other hand, there were no camels, pigs, monkeys, or bullocks and everyone waits at the red lights. What for?

Hope you guys are looking good for 2007. It certainly seems that way from the pix.

Much love, us

Jac said...


Glad the trip went well. It's so good to have you back, so to speak. Looking forward to more details of th trip, maybe some pix? We're thinking of Sylv preparing for the big move, and of you guys too.

Jo says "oh good, I need to ask Ph about his olives"

We miss you both tonnes. Hugs ^_^

Big A said...

Enchanted Rock looks like the big granite lumps in SW Western Australia. There are probably interesting bugs in those pools of water.

Nice to have the Meads back with us.