Thursday, September 9

Walking footage!

In a shameless attempt to placate you all for the fact that I haven't posted in ages!

First here's the baby-cakes walking at 12 months. At this point (a few days after his birthday) he'd been walking for a few weeks and cruising round taking steps here and there for much longer.

Now here's some footage from a few days ago (14 months) with 'crawdad' his fabulous wooden crayfish that Papa Bear found him in the US. Much sturdier on his pegs!

I kind of miss when you could pop him down on his lambie or his play-mat and leave him there! Mind you, even then he could usually manage to roll himself off to somewhere he shouldn't have been.


Anri said...

Wow check out Mr walking man! I love his wooden toy too, looks like lots of fun!
Lovely vids, amazing how much steadier he is on his feet

Ruthie said...

Wonderful :-)
Huge smiles here to see the little man walking
Love the crayfish too... brilliant!

Mariposa del Diablo said...

Yay Marty!! That crayfish is awesome! Looks like it's snapping at Marty's heals.

Dumblond said...

I always wondered why people made such a big deal about when the tykes learn to walk. It's all downhill from there! The little buggers just get into everything!
Thanks for the footage.

Big A said...

Great stuff. That crayfish was a must as soon as I saw it. How long before he's big enough to help me catch them?

Jac said...

Ahh loyal readers! I love that everyone who has replied is also a blogger ;)

Shana: I agree, that's why I'm glad he's not talking yet (no rush Marty)... At least this was I can pretend that I don't understand what he's trying to tell me ("I don't want to wear clothes" seems to be the big one)

Papa Bear: Are you planning on using him as bait? If so, he's old enough :D

Josie said...

Well Marty is persistent Papa, so if he WANTS to help you catch crayfish he will and if he doesn't . . .

Mothersupex said...

I love that Papa Bear purchased a crayfish that makes lots of noise. We were warned NOT to purchase noisy toys as someone here loves them, (a man thing). I think something has been started here:-)
Just delight in seeing the video. How I wish we had this kind of techno when Jac was a babe.

Jac said...

Just to be clear, the noisy toy rule only applies to things that make noise of their own accord, or require batteries for their noise-making. Anything outside of that is fair game!

Vikki said...

I'm not sure there is anything cuter than little ones when they first start walking.

Anonymous said...

So pleased that the cat has jumped off the! and you have some new bits to enjoy.

BigA I think Marty needs fattening up a bit for bait. Clearly his mothers dont feed him (not!)

The second video he is strutting like the boy who got the crab!

Anonymous said...

Oops..... sorry, you can tell the night out was good by the time and error rate!

To be precise its not the crab, its the crayfish!


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff! How long before you get tired of the clacky noise the toy makes?
Any spare energy?
GA Kate

Anonymous said...

How cute! It is so much more fun with kids as soon as they start doing proper stuff, like walking, and talking. Doen?t leave much time for blogging though ... Thank`s for the update!