Wednesday, October 6

The year of two Springs

I could probably focus on the fact that we have weathered two Winters this year, but since it has been in the 20s (70s) the last few days and everything is green and luscious, I'm going to focus on the good instead.

When we left San Antonio, Spring was just breaking and it was looking like an awesome one for wildflowers. San Antonio may only have a few different kinds of trees (mainly live oak and mountain cedar both of which I am, of course, allergic to) but it sure does have the most insane collection of wildflowers. Below are a few of the pics we took in our last few days.

These bluebonnets (a kind of tiny lupin) are the State flower of Texas (and another *%$# allergy risk) but when you see the whole side of the highway covered in them they are truly amazing. Mind you, that also means you see families with their kids dressed up in their Easter finery posing for pics next to six lanes of traffic roaring past at 70 miles/hour!

Hard to believe this little boy was only 9 months old and not racing around like a blue bottomed fly in a pickle bottle!

Well, that's a little snapshot of San Antonio in April. Now we're smack in the middle of another stunning Spring, half a world away. The flowers are less wild, since most of them are in our garden, but they are just as gorgeous. It may not be as warm as the Texas Spring but there's also a heck of a lot less pollen in the air! Those of you who haven't experienced live oaks in all their yellow glory are surely thinking that I'm a drama queen but the rest of you know better.

These pics are all from our garden, which is filled with about 15 different kinds of camellias, more bulbs that you can poke a stick at as well of all sorts of other lovely things that just keep popping up and surprising us.

Many layered daffs that get so heavy they fall over!

Part of the front garden - bulb central and there's more coming.

And yep, we even have orchids...

Two kinds!

Then of course there is that little boy, now nearly 15 months (although still wearing some of the clothes from his first Spring...) He's walking confidently, has a mouth full of teeth and the absolute inability to keep his pants up! I'm hoping he grows out of that last one...

It's a hat with a small boy attached to it!

Shown here clapping his hands after finally having ditched the hat...

Or so he thought!


Dumblond said...

We are being graced with a bit of color around here as well. But it's the reds, oranges, yellows and browns of autumn. And of course, in the great Pacific Northwest, we still have our green.
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Marty sure is growing fast!

Mothersupex said...

Absolutely beautiful pics, yet again. The garden is beautiful and how Uncle Frank would drool. at your orchids as his were hot house only, and that was Taroona, not that far away.

The little Roo is not so little now, except around the waist. He is confidently walking but looks far too small to be doing it as well as he does. Like a little wind up doll, but he has the mind of an older child and I think he has been here before:-) Love the hat, go Marty

Mariposa del Diablo said...

The wildflowers were amazing here this year but followed by a blistering summer, so you may have the better end of the stick.

Beautiful pics! Marty's getting so big!!

Anonymous said...

I really love that hat! Think you may be fighting a loosing battle about keeping it attached though... superglue? Pity he wont understand WHY you are insisting he keeps it on. Love the flowers too, our garden is green but turning brown. E=nvy.

GA Kate

Big A said...

So which one did you like best, eh? Or is that an unfair question?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous snappers Jac!
Love the colour and texture of spring.
Isnt it amazing how much Marty has changed in 5 months!?
But what hasnt changed is how cute as a button your little boy is!
PS Word verification: vachuip.
Isnt that what Joey Roo loves to do at any opportunity - vacuum up?

Vikki said...

Gorgeous photos! I would love two springs.

Paul said...

Great pictures, but the best part of this post was "racing around like a blue bottomed fly in a pickle bottle"

Did you just insert that to see if anybody was reading? Cause it made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks’ for the lovely pics! I still have my eucalyptus nut lying in a bowl in my living-room, for me to smell and remember the lovely mixture of spring flowers and salty sea wind in the air. It was tough coming back to a dark autumn Norway, but now we have had our first snowfall, so everything is white and beautiful here :-) Cuddles to the little blue bottomed fly! I guess just like with my own it will have to be an involuntary one ... too busy!
Mona :-)

Munichmarty said...

Hi !
Sometimes I really wondered why people post pictures of their family. Always thought that´s a bit strange. But the pictures of your family got something special. To look a your pictures gave me comfort or makes me smile or laugh. What a cute kid you got. I got no kids but also a black and white cat.
Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I dared to use two on my blog and linked to your blog. Hope it´s okay.
Greetings from Germany