Saturday, October 11


Well it's that time of year again here, autumn, fall, halloween, harvest festival etc and all that good stuff. We've been both busy and slacking ever since Josie's parents headed back to Tassie, and I don't have time for an epic update now so I'll just post a bunch of pics instead and see who is still out there reading this!

Firstly, Fall brings with it pumpkins and candy...LOTS of pumpkins and candy!

Candy a go-go at our local Target

A human-chain of pumpkin carriers setting up a HUGE pumpkin patch at one of the local mega-churches

You can stock up on your choice of pumpkin for fall/halloween decoration at most of the supermarkets. This is was outside wholefoods. I wonder if any of them are actually edible!


CupKate said...

Nice pumpkins. Tho why exactly does the megachurch want a pumpkin patch? Enjoy the sweets bonanza - but in moderation :p

Bee said...

I wanna have Halloween too!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Halloween! It's the start of bbq and drinking in the sun weather here. We miss you!

Adrienne, Al & Wally-the-Ginger-Menace.

Anonymous said...

They certainly do it big, in America. Wow, those sweets, sorry candy, and huge pumpkins. Now that you have been over there for 2 falls, or halloween periods, we would like the "artistic" Jac to come on out and carve a pumpkin then have a candle inside.

Photo's of the said product please.

Miss you both. Mum and Dad

Jac said...

Bit slow on the replies but Hi!

Methinks the megachurches sell off the pumpkins. The fancy looking ones ("fairytale pumpkins" are for sitting near your front door for apparent ambiance and some of the others are for painting on (smaller ones) or carving (bigger round ones). I meant to carve one this year but ran out of time!

Adrienne said...

it's been two months... I know you're distracted at the moment - and I am very happy about that! But I would like pictures and Texan sort of wintery updates.

x Mrs M

Jac said...

What are you doing all the way back here??

Yeah ok, as soon as I finish the rest of the Brit posts I'll put up some more Texas pick...winter varies between foggy/freezing and 25 degrees with clear blue sunny skies!