Friday, September 12


Just to let y'all know that, yes hurricane Ike is bearing down on Texas, but no we won't really be copping much more than some storms here. Evacuations along the coast have been moving fairly smoothly and I hope everyone will be ok. Yesterday it looked more like we were going to be in for a rough time, but the storm turned slightly. Good for us, bad for others I guess.

Even so, it is bound to be a soggy Saturday so I'm thinking we'll be up for some indoor R&R, probably watching Battlestar Galactica eps and enjoying our new (not so new) couch! Yep, we finally have something more than a chair to plonk down on. Our sitting room is hardly altered though, considering it is a measly 1.3 meter "loveseat" but it is still a huge change for us :)

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Anonymous said...

Great to have a read, for both of us.
Lubs yah.

Mum & Dad (at Moree N.S.W.)