Thursday, August 21


Jeannie and Big A arrive tonight so the apartment is looking shiny and new, so much so that I don't want to make breakfast for fear of lowering the tidy-level.

Just thought I'd post a few pics since I've had a run of picless posts lately.

Firstly, here's a shot of our dinner from the other night. We got home late and were too tired to cook so this is our "off" night! Surprising what's contained in the bowels of the refrigerator sometimes. Farmers market figs though ;)

Also, Josie was out babysitting the other night so I was able to whip up some contraband that I had stashed in the freezer (seafood that is). It is poison to Jo so I rarely ever even cook it at home, because of the smell. I did a pulp fiction style clean up after this one though, and it sure was worth it!

And finally, it has been raining on and off here for a week which means we got a shot at an unusual sight (for Texas anyway). This is off the balcony of our deck, pretty green for August eh?


CupKate said...

Hi lovelies. Say hi to Jeannie and Big A. I've missed seeing them around here - but glad they are visiting you. All that food looked pretty tasty. We had some excellent Roger and Mum-made mussels that looked a similar style to yours last night, then they had rabbit but I went to a 21st by then. Hamish and Katherine are both doing writer's festival stuff today.

CupKate said...

Hey! We're lucky to have Jeannie and Big A back - and I've spoken to them both today! Was just looking at my pretty igoogle homepage with its theme of the day(trusty google!) and saw the San Antonio weather forecast has lightening bolts for Saturday! I hope you get a good storm (that doens't interfere with plans) but is enjoyable from somewhere cosy - or whatever it is that you want during a storm when it is still actually 28 degrees C! It was about 20 today (in the sun) which was lovely! xx